John Ayad

MComp Computer Science with a Year in Industry

Winner of an Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

Why Sheffield?

Choosing the University of Sheffield was a decision fuelled by the university’s reputation in two very crucial areas; its academic reputation all over the world and the social activities pushed forward via its Students' Union, which has been voted as the best in the country. Additionally, the Computer Science program offered here in the University was one of the best I’ve seen, especially when compared to other programs offered by universities both in the UK and in the USA. As a current undergraduate student, I can say that I’m a proud University of Sheffield student and that I’m extremely satisfied with what the university offers both academically and socially.

How did you find out about the scholarships on offer?

I found out about the Scholarship by searching through the available scholarships for students from the Middle East, specifically Egypt. Additionally, I was sent an email by the University of Sheffield to inform me that I’m eligible to apply for the Undergraduate Merit Scholarship award.

How did your scholarship impact your Sheffield experience?

To start with, this scholarship is the reason I was able to travel abroad and come here to Sheffield and partake in this university’s fine program. It has definitely been a life-changing experience, and it’s all thanks to this scholarship that made me able to afford this superb education.

What would you say to others unsure of whether to study at Sheffield?

I would advise you to carefully look at the respective syllabus of your preferred degree and compare it to other universities. Nevertheless, I can honestly vouch for the University of Sheffield and claim that it offers quality that no other university that I’ve seen offers. Additionally, Sheffield itself is quite an amazing city!