Entry requirements for students from the USA

We have been welcoming students from the USA for many years and our staff are very familiar with the American education system and qualifications.


The University of Sheffield accepts a number of different qualifications from the USA. Some of the most common are listed below. If your qualification is not listed here, please contact us.  

High entrance requirements for our degree programmes at Sheffield reflect the quality of the University. The information below is for guidance only. 

Undergraduate Programmes e.g. BSc, BA, BEng/ MEng

Our undergraduate entry requirements for students from the USA are as follows:

  • A High School Diploma with a GPA of 3.0+


  • 3 AP exams in relevant subjects or SAT subject tests (taken prior to cancellation). We can accept any combination of these exams.

The grade equivalent for APs and Subject Tests can be found below and the A level requirements are listed in our online prospectus

AP Exam 555 from 3 APs 555 from 3 APs 554 from 3 APs 544 from 3 APs 444 from 3 APs
SAT Subject Test 650, 650, 650 650, 650, 650 650, 650, 600 650, 600, 600 600, 600, 600

Please note: AP Seminar and AP Research are not accepted as A Level equivalent

College/ Honors Classes 

College/Honors Classes can be considered for most courses in lieu of AP’s on a case by case basis. We require a minimum of 3 units/credits or 1 semester in length per College Level class, or a minimum of 1 year in length for High School Honors Classes. These classes should be taken in grade 11 or 12.  

Consideration will be given case by case once we have received an application. 

For College/ Honors level classes, we typically look for grades in the region of:

A Level A* A B
College/ Honors Class equivalent* A+ A/A- B+/B/B-

*Please note these equivalences are a guideline. Exact requirements nor confirmation as to whether a specific class will be accepted in lieu of APs cannot be determined before receiving an application.

To allow us to assess the suitability of College/Honors Classes we require a specification including a grading scale and assessment method where possible. We will request this once your application has been received. 

If you are unsure about your eligibility for our programmes, please email our Recruitment Manager, Kate Gadsby-Mace, on kate.gadsby-mace@sheffield.ac.uk or our in-country International Officer, Haley Drogus, on haley.drogus@sheffield.ac.uk for further advice.

Associate's Degree

Holders of an Associate Degree at a two year Community College in the USA with a minimum GPA of 3.2 in major and related subjects will be considered for direct admission to the first year of most undergraduate programmes.


Applicants wishing to transfer from a regular undergraduate four year bachelors degree program in the USA will be considered for the first or second year of undergraduate degree programmes on a case by case basis. Applicants will be required to have a high overall current GPA and high grades in relevant individual subject areas.

How to apply

Applications should be made through UCAS. When you submit your UCAS application please provide any test scores that you have received.  Please also list any future tests you intend to sit and submit.    

For entry to Postgraduate Taught Programmes e.g. MA, MSc

You will usually need a 4 year bachelors degree from a recognised university in a relevant subject for entry. Most postgraduate courses require a UK 2:1 or equivalent for entry, but some courses may consider 2:2 grades. Please see our course finder for specific course requirements. 

The score required will depend on the university you have attended and the course you have applied to study.

UK degree classification

International equivalent USA

First class Honours

GPA 3.7

2:1 (Upper Second Class Honours)

GPA 3.0 

2:2 (Lower Second Class Honours)

GPA 2.7 

For Entry to Postgraduate Research Programmes e.g. MPhil, PhD, PhD with Integrated Masters

With around 2,000 postgraduate research students from over 100 different countries, Sheffield is one of the leading centres for research training in the UK.
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You will usually need a bachelors degree AND a masters degree from a recognised university in a relevant subject for entry. Some courses may consider a bachelors degree on its own if it is combined with relevant research experience. Please see our departmental web pages for specific course requirements. 

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