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Image of ambassador, Sarah
Sarah Dailly, France
Undergraduate Student
Department of Politics and International Relations
Sarah graduated from BA in Politics and International Relations in 2021.

My initial impression of Sheffield was that I completely fell in love with the kindness of people. I was feeling a bit scared and excited in this new town but there were plenty of people to answer my questions and dissipate my concerns. The university staff as well as my new flatmates were so helpful and kind that I felt at home very quickly.

I love the fact that the whole university is focused around students’ welfare. The University and the Students’ Union are very involved in making sure everyone can access the support needed. A lot of information is sent via emails but can also be found in the Students’ Union. Coming from a small village in the countryside, I really appreciate the “green atmosphere” in Sheffield, there are many parks and the Peak district is so close. 

I chose to study my course because I wanted to understand how the world was ruled in the different spheres of the world to be able one day to change it. It sounds idealist but I really want to contribute in making the world a better place: I am particularly interested by climate change and organic agriculture. The course also looked very diverse and focused on different parts of the world. My course provides me the knowledge needed to understand countries behaviours but also the way to start research and analyse events critically. I enjoy the fact that the University has different libraries to study in but is also very close to lots of parks and the Peak District so you can get some fresh air during your free time. I also appreciate that Sheffield is big enough not to be boring – you’ll always find things to do or try, but it isn’t too big.

I joined the jiu-jitsu team, the boxing team and the politics society, the French society and the Sri Lankan society. Being black belt of tai-jitsu, I wanted to find another martial art in Sheffield so I joined the Jiu-jitsu club after trying a free Give It A Go session in September. I have always wanted to try boxing so I found that university was a good time and place to start. My flatmate being Sri Lankan, introduced me to the Sri Lankan society which is with a doubt the warmest and kindest society! They organise different activities during the year and make sure everyone is always welcome!

Food and activities are affordable which allows me to maintain a healthy way of living. I’ve met people from the entire world which is an amazing way to open our minds and see the world in a different way. Thanks to this diversity, I have made friends that I will keep for life, with whom I have already shared so many experiences with.

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