University accommodation really is the place to make life-long friends.

Wai Ho (Matthew) Lam, Hong Kong student
Wai Ho (Matthew) Lam, Hong Kong (SAR)
Undergraduate student
MPlan Urban Studies and Planning
Matthew studied MPlan Urban Studies and Planning at Sheffield and graduated in 2022.

What I like best about living and studying here is the welcoming sense of Sheffield. It is a very convenient place to live in. I still remember the day I received the offer letter from the University of Sheffield. I was very excited yet nervous about the prospect of leaving home for university. The city is a lot more vibrant than I had expected. I arrived on a sunny Sunday and it could not get any better! The university boasts a mixture of old and modern buildings, my first sight of Firth Court is simply unforgettable. Everything is within easy reach but still it is quiet enough to focus on my studies. 

Matthew Lam 2

Sheffield is home to one of the most reputable Urban Planning departments in the country, boasting an excellent team of staff and state-of-the-art facilities. Before I even set foot in the city, I had already fallen in love with Sheffield after scrolling through pages after pages of pictures of Sheffield online. Sheffield really is a wonderful place to live, to study, and to have fun in. Everyone is very kind and helpful, and they are extremely welcoming towards us coming from overseas. The best thing about living in Sheffield is that you can have the best of both worlds! Sheffield itself is one of the bigger cities in England with high level of development, while it is located on the footstep of the Peak District, a national park in England. You will be able to enjoy a vibrant city life while a relaxing country life, with just a short bus ride.

I lived in university accommodation last year. I stayed in Allen Court and it was a lovely experience. I shared a flat with five other students who literally come from everywhere. We are still in contact with each other and meet up for dinner every month. University accommodation really is the place to make life-long friends.

The Student's Union is a great place to go when I have a few extra hours in-between lectures as it is very close to most university buildings.There are plenty of spaces to sit and eat. I joined one of the Student Societies and I am now a member to the Japan Society. I thought it is about time I get out of my comfort zone and so I ventured to the Japan Society’s welcoming event during the start of term. I met some amazing people there and we decided to join. They have a weekly social where we can all go and relax over a drink.

The highlight of my course so far has to be our annual field trips. During my first year we went to York, a beautiful historic town just a stone's throw away from Sheffield. This year we are going to the Netherlands. Trips like this are excellent opportunities to apply what we have learnt from lectures in a real-life scenario. I think the University of Sheffield provides the best experience to our students. I have enjoyed every second in Sheffield and I am happy to call Sheffield my second home.

One piece of advice I have for students considering coming to the University of Sheffield is to open yourself up and get out there. University is a really good chance to meet a lot of new interesting people and make life-long friends! I understand the idea of talking to one stranger after another can be scary - I definitely did! -  but all it takes is a tiny step forward then you will get used to it in no time! Remember it is a whole new experience for everyone. Grab every opportunity there is and make the most of it!

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