The campus is extremely lively and there is always something going on

Profile picture of International Student Ambassador, Yasamin Moeini
Yasamin Moeini, Iran
Undergraduate Student
MBiomedSci Biomedical Sciences
Yasamin is currently studying MBiomedSci Biomedical Sciences

I was so excited​ when I first arrived in Sheffield and quickly tried to familiarise myself with the city and University by walking around to all the places I had seen online when researching Sheffield. The people here were also incredibly friendly and willing to help out so it eased the stress of moving abroad.

I really love how Sheffield is small enough that ​anything you would need is within walking distance and there is such a big variety of restaurants and shops to discover. Sheffield is also hugely international so you have the opportunity to become friends with people from all over the world. 

I had always loved science in high school, especially biology and I​ knew that I wanted to continue studying it when I went to university. Biomedical Science seemed like the perfect course as it focuses on all aspects of the human, ranging from molecular biology to physiology and pharmacology. I enjoy the variety of modules and​ getting to study everything from the molecular mechanisms of the cell to getting to dissect and learn about organ systems in anatomy. The curriculum is also constantly being updated to reflect new findings in biomedical science, so it's great that our education incorporates ongoing research. 

I have really enjoyed the group projects that I have gotten to​ work on as part of my coursework, such as creating a video. They are a great way of meeting new people from your course who you wouldn't normally speak too. It's also a nice alternative to the normal everyday lectures and practical’s and a fun way to express creativity within a science degree. 

To prospective students I would say, do your research to​ make sure the university and course are the right fit for you. If it’s possible, come visit the university, but if you can't then there are loads of videos posted by the department and the University to get an idea of student life here. I also watched the tour videos as I wasn’t able to visit the University in person. 

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