My course stimulates my work ethic, creativity, and zeal for science.

Profile picture of International Student Ambassador, Yara Alkroh
Yara Alkroh, Jordan
Undergraduate Student
BSc Biochemistry and Genetics
Yara is currently studying for a BSc Biochemistry and Genetics

I chose Sheffield because it is a among the top universities globally, and top 20 universities in the UK. Furthermore, Sheffield’s Students’ Union ranks number one in the UK and has done for ten years because of its phenomenal student experience and how exceptionally diverse it is. 

What I like the most about studying in Sheffield is that it is very student-friendly. Since it is a city campus, it’s always fun to walk around as there are always students around. Furthermore, the city balances well between being relatively quiet and not distracting but also having a lot of events going on for students, making it a great example of the “best of both worlds”. In other words, I could easily entertain myself but also find the serenity to focus on and not divert from my studies. I really like that it is international and I could quickly find a community to fit in or even easily adapt to new ones. Moreover, the city itself is very green. The scenery is always aesthetically pleasing to the eye and there are always places to hang around in.

Given the lack of research and development in my home country, Jordan, as well as being immensely intrigued by the one powerful tool capable of filling gaps in knowledge and creating solutions for improved healthcare, I aspired to study and work in research. I have always been keen to undertake challenges and contribute to worthy causes and revolutionary discoveries, so I saw this course as an opportunity for me to indulge in science and pave a way towards a career in research.

What I find most appealing and enjoyable about my course is the mode of study as well as the University’s involvement in research. Alongside the weekly laboratory practicals there are various group reports, presentations and poster sessions during which collaborative work and friendships are developed. The University provides an opportunity during the summer to get a hands-on experience in current research undertaken in various departments. This specialist training further improves technical and transferable skills while working in a multidisciplinary team. 

My advice to prospective students would be that choosing the right university is a big decision which will shape a crucial experience that is going to influence your whole life. Therefore, Sheffield is an outstandingly great option because as a city and university it provides all the factors and aspects necessary to create a memorable university experience. Regardless of all the obstacles you might go through, it will be a decision you most definitely won’t regret.

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