Sheffield is preparing me for my future career

Profile picture of International Student Ambassador, Kelvin Obiano
Kelvin Obiano, Nigeria
Masters Student
MSc Clinical Neurology
Kelvin is studying for an MSc Clinical Neurology.

The best things for me about Sheffield is that I was born in a quiet city and used to a quiet city life; Sheffield has just become an extension of home. It’s peaceful, the environment is serene, its beautiful, the people are friendly, and the cost of living is good. My course is challenging but materials are available to support and facilitate my learning.

For a student considering studying at the university of Sheffield, I would say that firstly, the person has taken an important step in the pursuit of his career/dreams, secondly, the university of Sheffield will be an excellent platform for the individual to launch their career path. This is because the university provides excellent teaching and world class resources.

So far, my course has been interesting and challenging. I have been able to learn to criticise existing literature and read scientific journals effortlessly. Its provided me with the confidence to multitask, to engage in public speaking and critically appraise literature appropriately. What I have enjoyed about my course has been the availability of resources, journals and world class teachers to make difficult concepts sound so simple.

This course is preparing me for my future career. As a doctor, I have multiple pathways that I could follow after my masters degree, however during this course, pathways that I had never considered because I didn’t even know they existed have come to my notice and my options are multiplied.

My accommodation has a range of different facilities that are available at my disposal, such as academic support, body fitness, mental health support etc. I've made friends through my accommodation which started by us opening a Facebook group. We are currently planning on going to a football game in Manchester. I didn't know how to cook before I came to Sheffield, but I had to learn it here. Thank God for the internet cooking classes! I can now comfortably cook some delicious meals and I am proud of myself about that. The meals I cook range from my country dishes such as jollof rice, beans, egusi soup. I can also make some English meals!

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