Choosing the University of Sheffield will be the best choice you will ever make

Student Raphael standing in the Diamond
Raphael Galleh
PhD Oral Microbiology
Winner of a TETFund Scholarship
Choosing the University of Sheffield will be the best choice you will ever make. With its friendly people, welcoming staff and students, quiet city and beautiful green parks.

How did you feel when you heard that you were successful in being awarded the scholarship?

I was overwhelmed with joy when I heard my application was successful, especially knowing that I would be studying at a top Russell Group university.

What made you choose to study at Sheffield and your course?

Although I got offers from other UK universities, I chose Sheffield because they were ranked among the top in the UK and the world at large. When it comes to Dentistry (Oral Microbiology), the School of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Sheffield is one of the best in the world and since I always aim for the best, I didn't want to settle for anything other than the best.

How did you research the University to find out about studying in Sheffield?

I searched for top Universities in the UK and in the world and found an outstanding one, the University of Sheffield. In addition, as a Microbiologist who wants to major in Oral Microbiology (Oral Pathology), there was no better place to study than here.

What was your initial impression of Sheffield and the University when you first arrived?

I was highly impressed with the environment, the beautiful buildings, state of the art laboratory equipment, conducive learning environment and the warm reception by both the Students’ Union, staff and students. Therefore, my initial impression of the city of Sheffield and the University is intact and I am happy to have chosen to come here.

What are the highlights of your experience in Sheffield so far?

I have had so many beautiful experiences whilst studying here. I performed on stage during the International Cultural Evening (ICE) in Sheffield City Hall. I presented my PhD research overview to students of the faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health at the Octagon Centre during a PIZZA Talk. In addition, I’ve joined the Students’ Union as the Secretary of Nigerian Students and as the Social Media and Communication Secretary of the Dental School Research Students (DSRS).

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