Sheffield has felt like home since the day I arrived

Image of ambassador, Elise
Elise Ingrid Strømmegjerde Aure, Norway
Undergraduate Student
Department of Landscape Architecture
Elise is currently studying an MLA in Landscape Architecture after completing her BA in Landscape Architecture here in Sheffield.

I knew I wanted to study Landscape Architecture and I was pretty sure I wanted to study in the United Kingdom. I first heard about The University of Sheffield through a representative of the University in Norway, Across The Pond. I had a mentor who emailed me a list of potential universities I could study Landscape Architecture at, so I had a look and compared them. I had never heard of Sheffield before, but after discovering that the university is highly respected, and located in a beloved mid-sized city, I was certain I wanted to move there!

Sheffield has felt like home since the day I arrived. Everyone is friendly, so it has been really easy to make friends. The facilities are great and the lecturers do their best to try to help you learn and improve your skills. I do also have a tutor who I can talk to if I feel overloaded or stressed about the course work as well as my personal life. The university has many different societies, so whatever your interests are, you will find a society that you will enjoy! I am currently a member of the Singers’ Society, Zumba Society and Landmark. I have been interested in singing my entire life and I did not want to quit doing it, so I decided to join the Singers’ Society at university. The society consists of several choirs, so you can find a choir that fits you and your preferences. I decided to join the Zumba Society after going to one session, I discovered my love and interest for it and I usually go once a week. Chances are your department has a society of its own, and my department; Department of Landscape, has got Landmark. Landmark brings together all of the Landscape Architecture students from each year, and it is a great way to get to know each other. We have a yearly spring ball and seasonal events like Pumpkin Carving for Halloween, as well as meditation in the Arts Tower, so there is always a lot going on!

I live in University Accommodation, there are a lot of different facilities available. The Edge in Endcliffe is a popular hang-out spot, there is a bar with a pool table and a TV screen, so if there are any sports event chances are The Edge will be busy! There is also a café at The Edge, and study spaces for when you want to study closer to your home. I have made good friends with people in my accommodation. The application system is great, as when you apply, you can read other prospective students’ profiles before deciding where you want to live.

Sheffield is a relatively cheap city, and the cost of living for students here is quite low compared to most British cities. So, if you are looking to study in a lively city, but still have enough money to enjoy your spare time, Sheffield is definitely a good option. Life as a student in Sheffield is exciting and unpredictable, each day something new is happening and there are always different events going on somewhere in the city.

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