The University of Sheffield has got it all

Profile picture of International Student Ambassador, Movin Wijayananda
Movin Wijayananda, Oman
Undergraduate Student
Aerospace Engineering (MEng)
Movin is currently studying Aerospace Engineering (MEng)

The thing I like best about The University of Sheffield is that it hosts a diverse and multicultural student body. Sheffield is largely a student city and the people of Sheffield are also extremely helpful and caring which makes it truly feel like a home away from home.

My initial arrival to the university was my first time coming to the UK, and my first time away from home. Naturally, it was a daunting prospect. However not once in my stay here have I felt left out, stranded or homesick, and this goes to show how easily I adapted to living in Sheffield and enjoyed every moment spent here.

I chose my course because of the increasing interest and development in the aeronautical and astronautical industries with companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin also contributing towards the new era of the space race. On the other hand, the multidisciplinary aspect of the course also encouraged me, as it will allow me to attain a broad scope into the field of engineering.

Highlights of my course so far have been being able to be part of a year-long project to create a gyro car which includes learning how to use heavy machinery to create various components and familiarising ourselves to work in a workshop environment. And also building a self-navigating robot car from scratch including the assembly of the microprocessor.

I believe life as a student at the university has been great. The curriculum ensures a smooth transition from A-levels to university level. As the course progresses and becomes more complex we are presented with adequate support to help understand the content clearly, for example having tutorial sessions and drop in sessions to be able to better prepare you for examination questions and clear out any grey areas regarding course content. In addition to that, the Diamond hosts a wide range of lab facilities as well which helps us apply our theoretical knowledge into practical tasks.

To anyone considering Sheffield I would say that whatever society you want to join or project you want to undertake and whatever the experience you want to try or support you need, the University of Sheffield has got it all.

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