The general atmosphere in Sheffield is fantastic

Alhareth Sait, Saudi Arabia
Alhareth Sait, Saudi Arabia
Lecturer at the University of Bisha, Saudi Arabia
Alhareth Sait graduated from MA Global Education in 2019 and currently works as a Lecturer at the University of Bisha, Saudi Arabia.

Why did you want to come to the University of Sheffield to study your chosen degree?

1- The good reputation of the University of Sheffield as University of Sheffield one of the top UK Universities.
2- The location of Sheffield is more than great in the centre of England so you will have the chance to travel around England during the weekend
3- The general atmosphere in Sheffield is fantastic, it students' city so you will never feel that you are away from home.
4- The warm hospitality of the people in Sheffield.

What were your favourite things about or best memories of the University of Sheffield?

1- Student union one of the best ever. There are a variety of activities offered by the student union where you can have a nice time and meet new friends.
2- My first host family was super great. The landlord was treating me like her son, she took me to church many times, even though I am Muslim, just to meet local people and know more about the British culture. This helped me a lot to improve my English and overcome the homesickness as well.
3- One of my favourite restaurants is placed in Sheffield, the HALAL restaurants everywhere so never worry about that. If you are in Sheffield never miss visiting ALDEIFA restaurant.

Please explain how has your qualification and/or time at Sheffield helped you in your career?

When I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2019 I started looking for a job and because I have a master degree from a good reputation University, I got the job from the first application submitted

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

Finish my two masters degrees in the same year 2019

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