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Hanadi Al-Batati student profile Saudi Arabia
Hanadi Al-Batati, Saudi Arabia
PhD student
Understanding the Perspectives of Patients with Aphasia in Saudi Arabia
Having completed her Masters in Speech Difficulties, Hanadi returned to the University of Sheffield to pursue a PhD.

Hanadi conducted research into understanding the perspectives of patients with aphasia, a language disorder that occurs after stroke.

Originally from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Hanadi finished her undergraduate studies in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at Dar Al-Hekma University, progressing onto a Master’s degree in Speech Difficulties at The University of Sheffield with Distinction. 

Hanadi Al-Batati student profile Saudi Arabia

I completed my master’s degree at the University of Sheffield because I sought the experience of studying abroad and found a master’s programme that could help me to find a good job in the field of speech and language therapy. When I finished my master’s, I was recruited to work at King Abdulaziz University as a lecturer, before returning to Sheffield for my PhD, where I’ve recently won the prize for the best oral presentation at the PGR Conference 2019.

My project aims to investigate aphasia therapeutic goals in Saudi Arabia and provide a thorough understanding of the current views of patients and service providers. I feel my project will be beneficial to various groups such as speech and language therapists (SLTs), specialists in rehabilitation teams and researchers in the field of aphasia. My research might also help clinicians to understand barriers in aphasia rehabilitation and highlight families’ and patients’ roles in the decision-making process, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of aphasia services.

I was supervised by Dr Ruth Herbert and Dr Catherine Tattersall from the Department of Human Communication Sciences and during my time in Sheffield, I’ve grown personally, academically and professionally.

Hanadi Al-Batati

PhD student

The University of Sheffield provides training for researchers in different areas such as teaching, publishing, using computer software, and presenting. I’ve also had the opportunity to establish connections with researchers and professionals in the same field and develop my analytical, time management and problem-solving skills. What I also enjoy about Sheffield is the multicultural environment, where I’ve met people from different countries and established friendships and professional connections with people from around the world.

Hanadi plans to return to Saudi Arabia to obtain a position that would help her to demonstrate my skills and start a support service for people with aphasia.

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