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Profile picture of International Student Ambassador, Boitshepo Gaitate
Boitshepo Gaitate, South Africa
Masters Student
Science, Economic and Public Policy (MSc)
Boitshepo is currently studying for a Masters of Science, Economic and Public Policy

What I like about living and studying in Sheffield is the efficiency of all the systems. From the incredible public transport system, to how the lectures are run and recorded, the University also has a huge array of resources for all students. But the best part by far has been meeting people from all over the world and growing a network of people that will probably have a big impact on my life going forward.

My initial impression of Sheffield and the University when I first arrived was that it was a friendly and welcoming place. People are always willing to help and so I never have to stress about anything. If I’m ever unsure about anything or don’t have all of the information I need there is always someone who is happy to help. What I like most is the small-town feel. I can get to anywhere I want around the city with no hassle. It isn’t overwhelming like many of the other cities in the UK.

I chose to study my course because of the reputation of the Social Sciences Faculty in the University. Having worked as an economist in the private sector, I know that branching out into Public Policy in a faculty of this calibre will set me apart from others when I go back into full-time employment.

The highlights of my course so far are the interactive course workshops that have been super useful in measuring my understanding of the course content and preparing me for the structure of examinations. I’ve really enjoyed the level of rigour and detail in all of the modules. Everything is relevant, and I can see how it all relates to the “real world”.

Coming from South Africa, the cost of living in Sheffield seems high at a first glance, but once you start earning in pounds, you don’t feel it at all. Sheffield is very affordable when compared to other cities in the UK. I got the shock of my life when I travelled to London! We have it good in Sheffield. One of the reasons I chose to come to Sheffield was its affordability, and the lower cost of living in comparison to other cities.

Life as a student in Sheffield is intriguing! Given that it is a place filled with students from all over the world, you get a taste of so many different cultures. It is incredibly eye-opening. I am a member of the African Affairs Network Society, as well as the Economics Society (Econ Soc). I came across both of these societies at the societies fair at the Students' Union during orientation week. They were the two societies that really caught my attention but there are over 350 to choose from! The African Affairs Network Society runs events and holds discussions with its members that aim to lift up and improve people’s perceptions of the African community. The Economics Society allows economics students from all levels of study to come together socially. The Econ Soc is a part of the netball social league, which I am also a team-member of.

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