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Profile picture of International Student Ambassador, Megan Taljaard
Megan Taljaard, South Africa
Undergraduate Student
Bioengineering BEng
Megan is currently studying for a Bioengineering BEng.

The best thing about Sheffield has been how easy it has been to adjust; with moving away from home to a whole new country I was extremely scared and nervous, but the university offers so much support to help students adjust and the people are very accommodating. My first impression of Sheffield was how quiet it was, especially since I had visited London prior to traveling to Sheffield. This impression was surprisingly reassuring and made the city more appealing to me as large and busy cities have never been a personal preference.

I’ve always had an interest in the medical field and throughout school, my favourite subjects were always biology and maths, and with bioengineering, I can incorporate both of those. As I did more research on the course, I developed an understanding of how important this field of study is to improve current and future lifestyles, this understanding further assured me of my choice of study. The highlight of my course has been how diverse it is; it offers lectures of different fields within the various streams of bioengineering. This exposure to the vast majority of careers my course offers has allowed me to start focusing on the specific career path I want to pursue.

I’ve enjoyed the practical exposure my course has offered; the University of Sheffield is one of the few universities which allow students of my field to personally study and interact with cadavers and that has been my favourite academic experience so far. Life as a student at the university is a perfect balance between social and academia; the university offers so many activities to partake in to help ease the stress of work.

As an international student, my greatest concern was the cost of living, but Sheffield is one of the most affordable student cities and this assurance helps to avoid the financial stresses. The affordability of the city allows its students to enjoy everything the city has to offer with buses only costing £1, you can travel anywhere. The university awards scholarships, therefore, I would encourage prospective students to apply, whether or not they think they’ll be awarded. Visiting the city before applying would be very helpful to students who are considering the university to ensure that Sheffield is the place for them, that way you can get a real feel for the environment. 

I love the Students’ Union for its convenience, whether it be to buy some snacks, meet up with friends or relax for a bit, or to get help and support. It also hosts weekly club nights such as ROAR and Pop Tarts which is a great way to de-stress after busy days and enjoy the university experience with your friends. It also offers Give it a Go activities to allow students to try new things and step out of their comfort zone at a very low price, hence it being voted as the number 1 SU across the UK the past 10 years. It a great way to uncover new hobbies and learn more skills.

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