I guarantee that studying in Sheffield is an amazing experience that you won’t regret

Chao-Wei Lu
Chao-Wei Lu
MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Winner of a Postgraduate Merit Scholarship
"Life in Sheffield is so joyful and fruitful, I’m fully adapting to the life in Sheffield and looking forward to the upcoming journey here"

How does it feel to be awarded a scholarship?

I am very honoured to be chosen as one of the Postgraduate Merit Scholarship recipients. This given honour shows that I was recognized as being a student who has an extraordinary performance in my pervious undergraduate course, another ongoing master programme at NCKU, extracurricular activities, and also has the potential to be a decent master’s student who can conduct academic research in a high level. Moreover, this honour has become a catalyst that pushes me forward along the adventure of exploring and creating knowledge. I will live up to the expectation that my parents, advisor at NCKU, advisor at UoS, and friends have on me. Going all out at positive thing and taking challenges are what I can absolutely achieve.

What made you chose to study at Sheffield and your course?

When I was studying my masters programme at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), I saw the NCKU dual master’s degree program promotional poster. It occurred to me that it’s an amazing opportunity that I just can’t miss. What’s more, the University of Sheffield is one of the most highly prestigious schools that has partnerships with NCKU. The Management School at the university also has a great reputation on teaching quality and academic research publishing rate.

I have also been interested in Logistics and Supply Chain Management for a very long time. It is related to everything in my life - I was once part of the logistics system as a deck cadet on the container ship of Evergreen Marine Corporation. It makes me ponder how the logistics systems work and interests me so much. The MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management course is accredited by two British Chartered Logistics Institutes. I believe it will be very helpful for my future career in shipping industry if I have the accreditation and the practical knowledge. As a result, I chose to study my course at the University of Sheffield with the mindset of having interdisciplinary learning and practicing critical thinking.

What are you enjoying about your first semester?

The first few weeks have been pretty good - I have learnt lots of things regarding sustainability, linear programming, technology, scientific management of logistics and supply chain management. It is very different from NCKU’s lecture style, we have lectures, workshops, and tutorial at the University of Sheffield. I was able to express my constructive ideas in lectures, exchanging my opinions and practicing critical thinking with my lecturers or classmates in workshops and tutorials.
Besides my times in class, I was able to make a lot of friends through lots of social activities such as playing basketball, joining student union parties, and so on. I will go to city centre with my roommates to have dinner once per week. Life in Sheffield is so joyful and fruitful, I’m fully adapting to the life in Sheffield and looking forward to the upcoming journey here!

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