Sheffield offered a good reputation and location with many outstanding lecturers!

Pin-Yu Yu
Pin-Yu Yu, Taiwan
Sports agent, CBA
Pin-Yu Yu graduated from the University in 2013 after studying an MA in Global Journalism.

What are your main responsibilities in your current role?

I am now a sports agent, marketing and branding for my players, and intermediate them to professional teams in both China and Taiwan. Also, I've got funding from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, so I am now doing PhD at the University of Salford, in social media communications business. I am living at the Manchester BBC Media city currently. While I was in Sheffield, we went on a field trip to BBC Manchester, after that, I have been loving this area and this encouraged me to come to study in the UK again (especially nearby BBC Media city).

Please outline your career history: how did you get to where you are today?

2013~2016 Social-media editor

2016~2017 PR for a sports marketing company

2017~2019 worked in Beijing as a sports freelancer and sports agent

2019~now PhD at the Salford and sports agent

Why did you want to come to the University of Sheffield to study your chosen degree?

Good reputation and location. Many outstanding seniors (I remember we had a lecture presented by a BBC sports Journalist). Global Journalism is a basic program for those who were not in the Media-related topic since I studied physical education as a bachelor.

What were your favourite things about or best memories of the University of Sheffield? 

All of the classes I attended. I also remember that we had a lecture presented by a BBC sports Journalist, and a field trip to BBC Media City.

Please explain how has your qualification and/or time at Sheffield helped you in your career?

I learnt how to compose an article. How to interview or take a video report objectively. How to think critically and write an essay. I also met many classmates during that time, which has helped my career.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

Got the funding from Taiwan and am now doing a PhD at the University of Salford.

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