Living in Sheffield was a great experience as a student!

INT- Basar Ozkan
Basar Ozkan, Türkiye
PhD Candidate, Loughborough University
Basar Ozkan graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2018 after completing a Masters in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

What are your main responsibilities in your current role?
I am a final year PhD student in Additive Manufacturing Research Group at Loughborough University. I am developing a novel material and printing application for the purpose of turbine blade manufacturing applications.

Please outline your career history: how did you get to where you are today?
I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna (TU-Wien). I joined MTU Aero Engines in Munich for my final year thesis and investigated highly-stressed boltholes in turbine disks consisting of nickel-based alloys, conducted tests on scrap components using various methods for tool edge preparation. During my undergraduate time, I participated in a student trainee and two internships programmes at eminent companies in the aircraft engine industries: Tusas Engine Industries Inc. with a joint-venture at General Electric in Turkey, and MTU Aero Engines in Germany. Working in R&D concentrating on the basic principles of aerodynamic behaviour of components in civil and military engines related to mechanical design and analysis. Additionally, I supported engine assembly and tests, assisted in maintenance, repair, and overhaul studies, and prepared technical operating instructions. After my bachelor’s degree, I completed my master’s degree in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (MSc Research) from the University of Sheffield in 2017. My MSc thesis —supported by AMRC Boeing and Sandvik Coromant— focused on the Correlation between cutting parameters, tool geometry and particulate size distribution in the trimming of CFRP composites. Afterwards, I was assigned the REACH project as a junior manufacturing engineer consultant at AIRBUS Operations in Hamburg. In October 2018 I started my PhD at Loughborough University working on the design and optimisation of the printing process as well as the ceramic material choices for a cost effective and industrial scale printing of the ceramic components used in the investment casting process for turbine blade applications.

Why did you want to come to the University of Sheffield to study your chosen degree?
I was very keen to continue my study on advanced manufacturing techniques and University of Sheffield and AMRC is a world-class research centre for advanced manufacturing. Open to manufacturers of all sizes.

What were your favourite things about or best memories of the University of Sheffield? 
Living in Sheffield was a great experience as a student, and the city is quite lively and locals are very friendly. I built great friendships in my classrooms andhave learned how to make friends from all around the world and experience different cultures.

Please explain how has your qualification and/or time at Sheffield helped you in your career?
After my graduation, I was employed at AIRBUS in Hamburg and was offered the job because of the research (master dissertation) that I conducted in Sheffield. Additionally, I was offered fully funded PhD program because of my experience that I gained in Sheffield.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?
My PhD research and I am in the process of publishing three papers in very good journals.

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