I have never been in a more welcoming, friendly and helpful environment.

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Isil Ezman, Türkiye
Undergraduate student
MBiolSci Genetics and Microbiology
Isil is currently studying for her third year of an MBiolSci Genetics and Microbiology degree. She was the recipent of the International Baccalaureate Merit Scholarship in 2018.

I always thought myself to be a research-oriented person, it was important for me to go to a university that had an excellent reputation in research. Before making my final decision I looked at the research of the academic staff in several universities in the Russell Group and I was most inspired by the research done in here, by the people I am now very lucky to be taught by. Every lecture I attend further confirms how right I was!

Another factor was that the Students’ Union was the best in the UK, and the university seemed to deeply care about the well-being of students. After being here for months, I can confirm that it also turned out to be true.

I came to the UK all on my own, and being so distant from my family was the hardest thing I had ever done. Yet the moment I stepped my foot out of the Sheffield train station, with the sun shining on my face I had a feeling that I could call this city my home with all my heart. Everything was so beautiful, safe and everyone was so helpful that I felt glad this place will be a home to me for the next four years.

I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for my scholarship. All my life I dreamed of studying abroad and becoming a scientist, and I worked really hard for it to come true. This scholarship allows me to fulfil my dreams.

Isil Ezman

Undergraduate student

Although I was feeling positive overall I still had many concerns about living in an entirely different country knowing no one. I went to the Students’ Union as soon as I settled for Orientation Week and I sincerely mean it when I say all my doubts disappeared there. I had never been in a more welcoming, friendly and helpful environment. There were “We Are International” posters everywhere which I valued deeply as an international student. In my first days at Orientation I even managed to make friends who I am still in touch with. My department was just as friendly and warm, I felt the sense of belonging straight away. Overall, my first weeks were like a dream that I’ll always remember with a smile.

I am also very excited to be able to explore Sheffield and the United Kingdom as a whole, there is so much to do! Sheffield is in a perfect location for travel lovers as you are only a few hours away from cities like Manchester, York and Leeds. I’ve already been to some other cities, but I plan to see many more.

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