About IWP

The IWP research strategy falls within the University of Sheffield’s vision.


More specially, at the Faculty level our research aims to make a difference through addressing the challenges of maintaining and ensuring wellbeing during the life course but in particular during working life and developing innovative practices that may help the public, private and third sector facing the unprecedented demands to improve the quality of services and effectiveness. We are committed to develop an inclusive society where all can enjoy a long and satisfying working life.

Furthermore, the interest in the relationship between work and wellbeing has increased in recent decades.  Professor Dame Carol Black’s review in 2008 made it an important area of policy interest within UK Government In particular, The Black review highlighted the importance of the workplace in promoting wellbeing and providing high quality work. The recent Stevenson and Farmer review has further consolidated the importance of these relationships.  IWP is well placed to respond to this interest having a longstanding history of research which focuses on the relationship between work, non-work and employee wellbeing/mental health.  To this end, IWP has formulated its vision and mission that fit in with the wider remit of Sheffield University Management School (SUMS):

IWP Vision

SUMS Vision: “To be recognised as a leading international management school known for delivering an outstanding student experience and impactful socially-responsible research in a collegiate learning environment.”

IWP Vision: “Organisations that make workplaces safer, more effective, innovative and nicer places to be.”

IWP Mission

SUMS Mission: “To use our world-class research base to develop knowledgeable and employable students, promote socially-responsible work practices, and have a positive impact on organisations and society throughout the world.”

IWP Mission: “To act as a major hub for work psychology research in Europe by promoting the discipline of work psychology and producing and disseminating high quality research that promotes the wellbeing, safety, effectiveness, and innovation of employees within organisations and management practices that allow individuals and organisations to thrive.”