Meet the IWP team. Profiles and contact details for IWP members are listed below.


Head of IWP

Name Email
Professor Kamal Birdi

Staff Members

Name Email
Professor Carolyn Axtell
Dr Carole Bain
Dr Sarah Brooks
Dr Stefan Cantore
Professor Jeremy Dawson
Dr Laura Dean
Dr Sam Farley
Dr Emanuela Girei
Dr Kristin Hildenbrand
Dr Ciara Kelly
Professor Karina Nielsen
Professor Karen Niven
Dr Malcolm Patterson
Mrs Rose Shepherd
Dr Ut Na Sio
Dr Chris Stride
Dr Nicola Thomas
Dr Anna Topakas
Dr Cristian Vasquez
Dr John Wilson
Mahboobeh Davaei

PhD Members

Name Email Research areas
Godbless Akaighe Narcissism in both leaders and followers and relational impacts: an implicit theory perspective
Samar Alshaikh Women in high managerial positions in the private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Samet Arslan The effect of gender traits on leaders’ work and nonwork identities: the role of actual and reflected appraisal
Charles Bello Management of inter-professional conflicts in Nigeria’s public health system and its implications on patient safety
Hannah Boneham Leadership and wellbeing: Focus on the self-other perception gap
Sandi Buchan Disabled Directors on NHS Boards
Michael Duffy Jr Understanding and sustaining entrepreneurs’ well-being: authenticity and work-nonwork balance
Rachael Green Visually impaired employees in the workplace: understanding barriers to promotion through a Bourdieusian lens.
Ella Hatton The feasibility of a Participatory Organisational Intervention to enhance work engagement in inpatient Mental Health Nursing Staff.
Arbaz Kapadi For whose benefit? Mobilising service-user involvement for the co-design of public services: The case of quality improvement in the NHS
Wing Yee Lam The relationship among elderly care demand, organisation policy, employee well-being and work related outcomes: The mediating effect of life resources
Augusta Moore Management of Non-Governmental Organisations
Paul Nwanna How does high performance work system and servant leadership influence employee proactive customer service performance (PCSP)? Examining the mediating role of service culture, service self-efficacy and service orientation
Ignacio Sepulveda Perez Virtual teams, emotional diversity and social integration processes
Lee Rabbetts Creative style - its measurement, stability over time and relationship with leadership
Hayley Reid Maintaining the wellbeing of artists in temporary spaces
Hamid Roodbari Evaluation of organisational-level interventions to improve employee and organizational outcomes
Karima Shaikh Almusali Exploration of the role of emotional intelligence in the career mobility and success of accountants and auditors within Gulf Cooperating Council Countries
Maria Skordia
Behavioural strategy and organizational ambidexterity
Ann-Marie Thomas 'How can we ensure older workers remain engaged members of the workforce?'
Juan Winter Sepulveda Grassroots organisations in the housing sector in South Africa
Fahmi Yunus Social capital, social entrepreneurship, post-conflict and disaster, and rural development
Jiacheng Zhang Improvisation in organisational teams