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Dr Kristin Hildenbrand
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Dr Kristin Hildenbrand
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I am a Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour and Leadership and a member of the Institute of Work Psychology (IWP; WEPO division) within the Sheffield University Management School.

I am a programme director of the Executive MBA (open programme).

I joined Sheffield University Management School in 2016.

I hold a PhD in Management (Work and Organisational Psychology; focus leadership and well-being) from Aston University, Aston Business School and a Diplom (German equivalent to an integrated BSc and MSc) in Psychology from the University of Mainz, Germany.

My PhD was funded through a Graduate Teaching Assistant scholarship, while I have also worked, during my PhD studies, as a Research Assistant at the University of Cambridge and as a Lecturer in Leadership and Management at Coventry University College. Before my academic career, I have worked in leadership development of a large MNC.

I am regularly involved in consultancy projects.

My research interests lie at the intersection of leadership, well-being and work-life balance as well as leadership development with a particular focus on developing a-typical, non-traditional leaders.

Research interests

As I consider line managers to be the linking pin between organisational policies and employees and as they often serve as role models to guide employee behaviour, my research interests centre around leadership.

Specifically, I am interested in the effects line managers have on employee well-being and work-life balance and am involved in various projects, such as the evaluation of a line manager mental health awareness training and the exploration and reduction of stigma against line managers suffering from mental health problems.

I am also very much interested in leadership development and bridging the existing gap between research and practice when it comes to leadership development and hence explore how leaders develop and which leadership training works for whom.

My recent research projects focus on the leadership development of women as a-typical leaders, which I explore through a work-life balance and cultural lens.

My work has been published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology and I am a reviewer for Human Relations, Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology and the Academy of Management Conference.

I have acted as chair of the international IWP 2018 conference (150 attendees) and have received funding for various research projects from Sheffield University Management School.

I have conducted research with various private and public organisations within the UK, particularly in the South Yorkshire region and in Germany.


Journal articles


Conference proceedings papers

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Website content

  • Hildenbrand K, Drencheva A & Duffy M Recently self-employed? Here's six tips from experts on how to protect your wellbeing.. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Hildenbrand K How companies can ensure their employees are productive workers. RIS download Bibtex download
Research group

The Institute of Work Psychology (IWP)

Teaching interests

I am a very passionate and enthusiastic Lecturer with considerable experience of teaching learners at various levels.

I enjoy sharing my passion for leadership, leadership development and well-being with my students, with the hope that this passion is contagious.

I am approachable and very focused on developing individual learners’ potential through setting challenges combined with adequate support and feedback.

Before moving on to Executive Education (EPE), I have taught MGT120 ‘Introduction to Behaviour at Work’ and MGT6177 ‘Leader and Leadership Development’ and content on various other modules linked to leadership, leadership development and teamwork.

I particularly enjoy teaching mature learners as I value their experiences, which often provide opportunities for collaboration and ideas for future research projects.

PhD Supervision

Current PhD students:

  • Godbless O Akaighe (with Dr Anna Topakas; year 1, narcissistic leadership, SUMS scholarship funded)
  • Matthew Davis (with Dr Malcolm Patterson; year 1, leadership development evaluation, employer funded)
  • Leanne Ingram (with Prof Jeremy Dawson; final year, mindfulness-based stress reduction, ESRC funded)