Focused on sustainability and social responsibility, Sheffield University Management School has created a research environment that builds specialist capacity and nurtures the next generation of management academics. The role of The Sheffield Academic is clearly articulated: 'The pursuit of research excellence in relation to questions of high significance and public value in different fields of study, through the provision of intellectual leadership, support of the professional practice of the research community and the display at all times of the highest standards of research ethics and integrity.'

The University of Sheffield is a leader in fostering Research Ethics and Integrity (REI) that places good academic practice – rigour, respect and responsibility – at its core.

Our Research

Research at Sheffield University Management School is internationally excellent, shown by its REF 2014 research performance. Members of staff engage in socially responsible research, publish high quality papers and actively engage non-academic users in order to make a positive difference to organisations and society. In line with our school’s mission, our research strategy is to consolidate and further develop our existing research strengths on rethinking and enacting socially responsible work practices. Research is led by the Associate Dean for Research, Professor Colin Williams, supported by the Heads of Divisions and Research Centres.

Research Centres, Groups and Clusters

The thriving research culture is driven through our research centres which generate and support grant application and capture; they help to stimulate research by providing a forum for the dissemination and discussion of research and the development of new projects. We also have a number of more informal research groupings and research clusters of academics. The following play a central role in the school's research culture and strategy:

Research Seminars

We run a range of seminars from both national and international speakers. Seminars range from those focusing on theoretical development, empirical research and critical exploration of research methods to presentations by policy makers and business leaders on current challenges and debates.

Research Ethics

Our research ethics review procedures ensure that research is conducted ethically, with the minimum possible risk to those involved or affected by it. At the heart of our research is the key principle of respect for participants' welfare and rights.

Research Degrees

Research Degrees
The opportunity to study for a PhD in a stimulating and rewarding environment committed to delivering an outstanding student experience and impactful socially-responsible research in a collegiate learning environment.

Research Impact

The research we undertake at Sheffield University Management School makes a contribution to both society and the economy. We work with partners at local, national and international levels to provide a positive impact on the world.