Experiential learning: live organisation challenges

Experiential learning is at the heart of the Sheffield MBA. Throughout the programme, you will be challenged to apply your learning to live organisational issues.

MBA students working together in cafe area

In an increasingly fast-changing world, we have designed our MBA programme to equip you to adapt to rapidly changing environments, understand complex situations, have the ability to problem solve and find innovation solutions and lead your organisations forward. Throughout the programme, you will be working either in teams or as an individual on live projects with local and/or international businesses to provide solutions to real business challenges.

Marketing Consultancy Challenge

During the early weeks of your first semester, you will be introduced to an organisation that faces a marketing related challenge. This module will give you the competencies in both marketing and consultancy to address those challenges. Working as part of a team, you will engage with the organisation throughout the process. At the culmination of the module, you will present your findings to the senior management team from the organisation.

A team of MBA students presenting to The Source

Our organisation has transformed the lives of over 10,000 people since launching in 2003, bit keeping abreast of new ways of reaching more learners and businesses is paramount to our future success. The Sheffield MBA's Marketing Consultancy Challenge was an unmissable opportunity for us to benefit, while also helping its students put what they have learned into practice. We are now looking closely at the new ideas and directions the students proposed.

Tricia Smith

CEO, The Source Skills Academy

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New Venture Creation Challenge

During this challenge, your and your team will create a new business venture. The challenge will test your ability to create a business plan and pitch that plan to a team of investors. You will be mentored throughout this module, as well as having exposure to a number of successful entrepreneurs.

Internationalisation Challenge

You will be challenged to help an organisation with its international business strategy, whether that be improving exports, exploring new markets or seeking out joint ventures. The module will provide you with an appreciation of the complexities of international business and at the end of the challenge, you will present your findings as part of the module.

It was great experience working with Anchor Magnets for our Internationalisation Project. There were two groups working with them on different objectives: one focused on the expansion into existing markets, while the other explored expansion into new countries. The team at Anchor Magnets were great to work with, always available when we needed them and made the right people available to us. Throughout the project, they gave us fantastic feedback and engagement during our presentation. They were pleased with the outcomes and very accepting of our action plan. It was a great pleasure to work with them.

Joanne Moxon

The Sheffield MBA, 2022

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Individual MBA Challenge

This challenge is your opportunity to undertake an individual piece of work with an organisation that matches your own career goals and aspirations. Your individual challenge may also take the form of a traditional dissertation, allowing you to explore an area of interest in depth.