London Career Safari

The London Career Safari is designed to widen your outlook, giving you the opportunity to explore diverse avenues along your career path.

Image of London Bridge

During your time studying The Sheffield MBA, you will immerse yourself in the vibrant city of London for a few days, giving you the opportunity to widen your outlook and explore diverse avenues along your career path. Based in unique venues in the heart of England's capital city, you will hear from a variety of speakers who will share their personal career journeys, offering insights into their organisations, industries and areas of expertise.

You will also have the chance to attend our exclusive Alumni networking events, creating connections that have the potential to shape your future endeavours.

The London Career Safari was an enriching and captivating adventure. From engaging speakers to valuable networking, this trip expanded our horizons and explored business management in vibrant London. Industry leaders emphasised data leverage, innovation, and creative thinking for staying ahead. Remarkable sessions with Simon Feeney from Collinson Group and Chiles Cartwright from Liquid Roofing Systems offered unique procurement and entrepreneurship perspectives. Their stories inspired me to explore diverse opportunities and think outside the box
for my future career. These memories and connections will undoubtedly shape our career paths.”

Sameer Zama Khan

Strategic Marketing Manager, Vantage Waste SolutionsThe Sheffield MBA, 2023

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