Personal, professional and career development

This module is a vital element of the Sheffield MBA, attentively designed to help you fulfil your personal growth and achieve your ambitious career aspirations.

Inspire - Connect - Empower

Inspiring you to realise your career aspirations and goals with opportunities to develop and equip you with fundamental skills for personal, professional and career development.

Connecting you to a rich network of alumni and industries in Sheffield, the UK and beyond, opening up opportunities for collaboration and career advancement.

Empowering you to make career decisions and allowing you to thrive with specialist support from career experts, industry leaders, alumni and academics.

This module focuses on developing soft skills and my experience with it has been great. It allows me to polish my networking and negotiation skills, amongst other highly valuable skills. I believe this module is the most important one in the MBA because in life, you may have all the hard skills in the world but if you don't have the soft skills to convey them, then you are in for a much harder time. The Sheffield MBA involves attending events with a diverse group of students, providing opportunities to network and build professional connections which will be valuable throughout my career. In order to pursue an MBA, don't think you need an exact plan of what you are doing in your career. Be stubborn on your vision, but flexible on the details. What I love about this MBA is the soft skills you learn can be applied in absolutely everything you decide to do in your life, even if it involved a 180° change in career direction.

Carlo Vidal Miranda, MBA student, class of 2023

Carlo at a networking event.