Networking and industry insights

Networking event.

We know that making meaningful connections and staying up to date with industry insights is vital for your career growth, regardless of your chosen field. That's why we're committed to expanding your horizons and providing you with access to the connections that count. Our powerful alumni network and industry links, both locally and internationally, will provide you with numerous benefits and opportunities. Whether you're seeking guidance, a fresh perspective, collaboration opportunities or potential job openings, our network is here to assist you in achieving your career goals.

Throughout the year, we host a range of exciting events and activities that offer the latest insights and give you the opportunity to expand your network.

Heighten your aspirations: leadership dinner

Meeting recognised leaders at the leadership dinner provides a critical insight into the minds of those that have already achieved at the highest level. It's a very good way to learn from the success and failures of leaders who have been genuinely open and honest in discussion with students.

Filip Leonard

The Sheffield MBA, 2019

Know more: company visits

The Green Estate event was a breath of fresh air, both figuratively and literally. Listening to Roz Davies and her team was like finding a beacon of hope amidst the chaos of our world. Their commitment to sustainability and community left me feeling energized and optimistic about our collective future. It's a reminder that every small action can lead to big transformations, and I'm grateful to have been a part of this inspiring experience.

Neha Kumari

The Sheffield MBA, 2024

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Build your network: networking events

The Talent Attraction event was a transformative experience that provided a unique networking opportunity for our MBA cohort to connect with industry experts. The interactive professional speed dating format fostered meaningful conversations and discussions, striking a perfect balance between intimate interactions and spontaneous exchanges. I left inspired by the emphasis on authentic leadership and continuous learning and left equipped with practical skills to enhance my approach to communication, collaboration, and overall professional development.

Lauren Bartlett

The Sheffield MBA, 2024

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Connect with our MBA alumni: inspirational talks

Uday Nair's use of vivid analogies, like the chessboard and the 'soup tasting' approach, made the complexities of digital transformation feel accessible and actionable. As an MBA student, I was struck by his ability to distil cutting-edge business strategies into relatable, memorable frameworks that I know I'll be able to apply in my career.

Neha Kumari

The Sheffield MBA, 2024