About the Dean's List

This prestigious award is a real opportunity for ambitious students looking to gain recognition of their academic, employability and social responsibility-related achievements since starting at the School.


This award is open to undergraduates and postgraduates of the Management School in their final year of study.  Our Pathway to the Dean's List series allows first and second year undergraduates an opportunity to learn and understand the award criteria. This will be a helpful preliminary process enabling students to gain insight about the School's Mission and Vision, and hopefully, become more knowledgeable about what makes a Dean's List winner.

Winners videos

Hear from our undergraduate Dean’s List winners in the class of 2019:

Hear from the Dean's List winners in our postgraduate class of 2019:

More Information

Final year undergraduates and final year postgraduate masters students can apply for the 2021 award. First and second year undergraduates can participate in our Pathway to Dean's List Challenge.

Winner's package

This achievement, which was granted to 14 undergraduates and 8 postgraduates in 2020, is a great asset to your CV as it showcases your personal and professional attributes to prospective employers.

As a winner you will receive

  • a personal reference from The Dean, Professor Rachael Finn
  • a name-engraved trophy plaque award
  • permanent acknowledgment in the building
  • access to our business networks

    Contact us

    If you have a query about the application process, deadline dates or use of evidence and examples, you can contact The External Relations Team.

    Telephone: 0114 222 3382 / 3278

    Email: deanslist@sheffield.ac.uk

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