Countdown checklist

Even before your first day, there is a range of information to be aware of before you join us. Take a look through the information below and see if you could do anything more to prepare.

To do list

Acceptance of appointment

If you have not already returned your signed acceptance of your new post, please do so before you start your employment with us . If we do not receive your signed acceptance, the University will deem that once you have started your employment you have accepted the terms and conditions set out in these documents.

If you have any enquiries regarding your contract of employment, please do not hesitate to contact the HR department using the contact details provided on your offer letter.

Eligibility to work

In accordance with the Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Act 2006, as your employer we are required to check valid documentary evidence such as a passport and a UK visa stamp where appropriate that demonstrate you are eligible to work in the UK. It is therefore important to ensure that the University holds this information prior to you starting work; your contract will indicate whether or not the University holds this information.

Your HR representative will be in touch with you should you need to provide any additional documentation.

Pre-employment Health Assessment Questionnaire

As a prospective employee of the University of Sheffield, you will be required to complete a Health Assessment Questionnaire before commencing your role. The questionnaire is to assess your fitness for the job role which you have been offered and ensures appropriate health advice and guidance can be provided. 

Your line manager or recruiting manager will request a form from Health Management Ltd (HML), our Occupational Health provider. HML will then send you a link to complete the form to the email address you have provided. The questions you will be asked will depend on your job role. Please complete the questionnaire as accurately as possible so that any necessary adjustments or support can be put in place.

Reasonable Adjustments

The University has a positive approach to employing people with disabilities and will ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to support and retain staff with a disability in employment, as part of our commitment to equal opportunities.

Before commencing in your role, please consider disclosing any disabilities to your line manager who will be able to discuss what workplace support and reasonable adjustments can be put in place to enable you to carry out the job role which you have been offered. 

Even if you do not require any reasonable adjustments at this time, it is useful to raise it with your manager, so if any support is needed in the future you can work positively together on this.

Wellbeing Resources

There are a number of wellbeing resources that are available to you as a member of staff at the University of Sheffield. Some key resources to look out for when you start are:

  • Our in-house Staff Mental Health Adviser Service 
  • Occupational Health, provided by Health Management Ltd.
  • Wellbeing Champions 
  • Mental Health Peer Supporters
  • Peppy menopause, baby and fertility support
  • Sport Sheffield fitness membership offers

If you have any questions regarding staff wellbeing, please contact

Pension schemes

All new employees are automatically enrolled into a pension scheme, if they are eligible for membership. This means that you don’t need to do anything as we’ll arrange this on your behalf if you’re eligible. Eligibility for automatic membership is determined by age and earnings, but even if you do not meet these criteria, please note you can still ask to opt into membership of the pension scheme appropriate to your grade.

You can find out more about the University’s pension schemes one the Finance webpages once you begin your role.

Conflicts of Interest

In an environment like The University of Sheffield it is inevitable that from time to time, actual or potential conflicts of interest will arise as a result of the intersection of University activities and personal relationships, financial/commercial or research interests. The majority of these issues are positive and can be simply and appropriately managed with steps to ensure transparency and clarity of the circumstances.

Details of how these issues can be managed can be found on the HR web pages once you start your role.

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