Registering on myJobshop

Guidance on how to register for casual work on myJobshop.


Why am I being asked to register on myJobshop?

myJobshop is the University of Sheffield’s system to engage and process payments for casual workers and Graduate Teaching Assistants/Associates.

myJobshop supports the University in ensuring that all casual workers are fully compliant and ready to work on the day they start work (or before). myJobshop ensures candidates have registered to undertake casual work, have completed the necessary pre-employment checks (eg eligibility to work) and are provided with a written statement of particulars outlining the terms of their engagement.

myJobshop also manages the submission and approval of timesheets and subsequent payment for work.

How do I register with myJobshop?

You will need to create a myJobshop account to complete your registration and provide your eligibility to work (ETW) in the UK documents before you start work, following the steps below:

Step 1 - Create a myJobshop account
Creating a myJobshop account will only take a few minutes.
You will need to provide a few personal details (name, DoB, email address, telephone number etc) and you will be asked to create and confirm a password for your account.

Create a myJobshop account

Step 2 - Registration and eligibility to work (ETW) check
Shortly after creating your myJobshop account, you will be added to the vacancy for the work you are due to undertake. Once you are added to the vacancy, you will receive an email prompt providing you with details of how to complete the rest of your registration, including presenting your documentation to evidence your eligibility to work in the UK.

You will not be permitted to start work for the University until you have presented documentation to evidence your eligibility to work. Once you have completed your registration and ETW check, these stages will not be required for any subsequent offers of work.

Step 3 - Accepting your offer of work
After your registration and ETW check has been completed and verified by the myJobshop Team, you will be issued with your written statement of particulars, outlining the terms of your engagement.

When you have read this document, you will be able to “Accept” the offer of work. Upon accepting the offer of work, you will be fully compliant and ready to work as a casual worker at the University of Sheffield.

How do I confirm my eligibility to work in the UK?

Please refer to the University’s eligibility to work in the UK page for detailed guidance.

You will not be permitted to start work for the University until you have presented documentation to evidence your eligibility to work.

What is a written statement of particulars?

Your written statement of particulars is the document you will receive before you are asked if you would like to accept the offer of work. This document outlines the terms of your engagement. It is therefore important to read this document carefully before you accept the assignment.

What is the Casual Worker Agreement?

The Casual Worker Agreement forms part of your written statement of particulars which outlines the terms of your engagement.

Why am I being asked if I have a disability?

As part of your myJobshop registration, you will be asked if you have a disability.  This information is being collected for equality monitoring purposes only, therefore, if you do declare a disability here, your hiring manager will not be made aware.

If you wish to discuss your disability in relation to any specific needs you may have to undertake casual work at the University of Sheffield, please contact your hiring manager in the first instance.  

More information about reasonable adjustments can be found here: 

If you need any extra support or help, please contact the myJobshop Team (HR) via

What are the Graduate Training Contract (GTA) Terms and Conditions?

These terms and conditions (PDF, 179kB) govern the engagement between the University of Sheffield and postgraduate students engaged as Graduate Teaching Assistants/Associates.

How do I decline an offer of work through myJobshop?

After receiving your written statement of particulars, you will be prompted to either “accept” or “reject” the offer of work. If you wish to decline the offer of work, select “reject” and this will notify the myJobshop team and the hiring manager.

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