Postgraduate research students

Postgraduates on research programmes can study as language as an extracurricular module using the Doctoral Development Programme or as a self-funded student.


Enrolment options

You can either study a language as part of your Doctoral Development Programme portfolio or as an extracurricular activity through self-funding.

Doctoral Development Programme (DDP)

Languages you study as part of Languages for All will be included in your DDP portfolio. The language(s) must be relevant to your doctoral research or future career development. Your supervisor must also consent to your taking the module as part of the DDP (we will contact your supervisor, but you should also speak to them before applying).

There is no fee, but minimum attendance and coursework criteria apply.


  • Attend a minimum of 70% of classes and labs.
  • Complete all formative assessment for the module as determined by the module leader.
Self-funded study

The University of Sheffield offers language study as an extracurricular activity in addition to studies within degree programmes.

Postgraduate research students who wish to study a language that is not relevant to their doctoral research or future career development can enrol on a self-funded basis.

For more information on fees and the cancellation policy, see below.

Choose your language

We have a wide choice of languages for you to study at various levels. Levels range from Beginner to Proficient.

Choose from 15 languages and find out more including, module information and ability levels.

Choose your language

Fees and cancellation policy

If you are applying on a self-funded basis, courses cost £270 for one semester and £480 for one semesters, except for Italian accelerated modules which are £480 for one semester and £960 for two semesters.

Before applying, ensure you've read our cancellation policy.

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