Benefits of language study

Learning a language is not only enjoyable, it improves your cultural awareness, develops your adaptability and makes you a more confident and effective communicator, and improves your future employability.

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Languages can help you get ahead in your career

Having a second language is not only useful if you decide to study abroad as part of your degree, it can also help you get ahead in your career.

Many international employers seek people with language skills. Learning a language provides you with the skills to adapt to different business environments and to operate with greater cultural agility and insight.

Multinational companies want multilingual recruits (Sunday Times 14/05/2008)

Whether you end up in Sheffield liaising with international clients for an engineering company, in Brussels interpreting for the European Commission, or in Seoul working for an international bank, language skills increase your job opportunities.

If you have a foreign language that is a powerful tool to get a job… you are so much more employable, you can be part of international business (Barack Obama, 2008)

Languages give you an insight into different cultures

Language study is not just about learning another language. It can help you understand people from different cultures, learn about a country’s past and present, and give you insight to cultural differences and similarities.

Expand your horizons

Every year, many of our undergraduate students choose to spend time studying abroad as part of their degree, or as an elective option.

It is an exciting opportunity to experience another culture, to further develop an existing language or to learn a new one.