Find out about your options to study Catalan at the University of Sheffield.

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Teaching in Catalan is provided by the School of Languages and Cultures (SLC), and there are a variety of options available to include Catalan at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Undergraduate study

Undergraduate degree combinations that include Catalan are:

  • BA Modern Languages & Cultures
    • Catalan language & culture with one other language & culture
    • Catalan language & culture with two other languages & cultures
  • Dual honours (with a non-language subject)
    • Catalan language & culture with a non-language subject
    • Catalan languages & culture, a second language & culture, and a non-language subject

Free credits

If you have some experience of modern language learning, you can take Catalan language & culture modules either as part of your degree (unrestricted modules) or alongside your degree (not-for-credit modules).

Catalan Studies module information

Postgraduate study

The School of Languages and Cultures offers a wide range of masters courses which can include Catalan as a language. You can also choose to study not-for-credit modules in Catalan as an extra-curricular activity in addition to your studies.

Postgraduate research students can study Catalan modules on a not-for-credit basis alongside their research. These may be included in your Doctoral Development Programme (DDP) portfolio if relevant to your doctoral research and/or career development.

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