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Seville, Spain

Teaching in Spanish is provided by the School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) and the Modern Languages Teaching Centre (MLTC). There are a variety of options available to include Spanish at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as general modules available to all, and specialist modules for students studying STEM degrees with a language component.

Undergraduate study

Undergraduate degree combinations that include Spanish are:

  • BA Modern Languages & Cultures
    • Spain & Latin America: language & culture 
    • Spain & Latin America: language & culture with one other language & culture
    • Spain & Latin America: language & culture with two other languages & cultures
  • Dual honours (with a non-language subject)
    • Spain & Latin America: language & culture with a non-language subject
    • Spain and Latin America: language & culture, a second language & culture, and a non-language subject

Free credits

If you have some experience of modern language learning, you can take Spanish language & culture modules either as part of your degree (unrestricted modules) or alongside your degree (not-for-credit modules).

Spanish and Latin American Studies module information

Postgraduate study

The School of Languages and Cultures offers a wide range of masters courses which can include Spanish as a language. You can also choose to study not-for-credit modules in Spanish as an extra-curricular activity in addition to your studies.

Postgraduate research students can study Spanish modules on a not-for-credit basis alongside their research. These may be included in your Doctoral Development Programme (DDP) portfolio if relevant to your doctoral research and/or career development.

General modules for all

The Modern Languages Teaching Centre provides general language modules in Spanish. These are open to all students (for credits or not), members of staff, and members of the public. They aim to develop language competence and cultural knowledge for professional and recreational purposes through small group weekly classes and guided independent learning.

Specialist modules for STEM students

Students can study certain science, technology, engineering and mathematics degrees with a language or study in Europe. The Modern Languages Teaching Centre provides the languages component to these STEM degrees in French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Study Spanish with the MLTC

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