Artificial intelligence tool predicts kidney failure six times faster than human expert analysts

The artificial intelligence (AI) tool provides a super-fast analysis of future kidney lifespan, and could be used in kidney clinics throughout the world

Professor Albert Ong, Richard Thomas and Jonathan Taylor with the PKD AI scan images

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the prediction of kidney failure. The AI tool, developed from an algorithm trained by Principal Scientist Jonathan Taylor, can analyse total kidney volume, a crucial measure for assessing future kidney lifespan in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD).

The tool, six times faster than manual processes, automates the segmentation of MRI scans, providing results in under a minute. Professor Albert Ong, Consultant Nephrologist, highlights its potential global impact in kidney clinics, streamlining volume measurements for faster and accurate predictions of kidney failure in ADPKD patients.

Read more on the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust news page.

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