Our links with the Alan Turing Institute


The CMI aims to strengthen existing connections and grow new links with the Alan Turing Institute (ATI), the UKs national institute for data science and AI.  

The University of Sheffield is involved in various initiatives at the Alan Turing Institute and the Institute has ongoing opportunities for engagement.

The Turing University Network

The University of Sheffield is a member of the Turing University Network (TUN) - a key component of the new Alan Turing Institute strategy, which aims to change the world for the better with data science and AI.

Membership of the TUN gives the University the opportunity to engage and collaborate with both the Alan Turing Institute and its broader networks.

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The  TUN supports the Alan Turing Institute in achieving its three ambitious goals: advance world-class research and apply it to national and global challenges, build skills for the future, and drive an informed public conversation.  

Sheffield's membership of the TUN follows a vibrant period of community-building in data science and AI at the University and throughout the wider region in South Yorkshire. 

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Primary contacts:

Professor Haiping Lu, Turing Academic Lead, University of Sheffield

Dr Emma Barker, Turing Liaison Manager, University of Sheffield

Turing Research and Innovation Cluster in Digital Twins (TRIC-DT)

University of Sheffield academics are leading the new Turing Research and Innovation Cluster in Digital Twins.

Prof. David Wagg (Coordinating Director TRIC-DT). 

Prof. Keith Worden (Co-Director for Infrastructure TRIC DT). 

The TRIC-DT mission is to carry out fundamental research relating to digital twins that addresses the most urgent challenges facing society and achieves real-world impact. Digital twins offer exciting new possibilities across a wide range of sectors from health, environment, transport, manufacturing, defence, and infrastructure. By connecting the virtual and physical worlds, digital twins can better support decisions, extend the operational life of systems and services, explore different scenarios, and introduce many other efficiencies and benefits. The TRIC-DT, will work with key partners in an open and reproducible manner to democratise access to open, reproducible and trustworthy ecosystems of digital twins.

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Opportunities at the Turing

Please find below select opportunities at the Turing Institute:

Enrichment Scheme 2024-2025

The Community award offers doctoral students with interests in data science and AI the opportunity of a remote access Enrichment scheme for 9 months, between October 2024 - July 2025.

Call closes: Wednesday 31 January 2024, 12:00

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