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The CMI works closely with the Research Software Engineering (RSE) Team at the University of Sheffield.  Two members of the RSE are joint-funded by the CMI and the Alan Turing Institute. 

The CMI-RSE team supports members of the Shef.AI and wider University communities in enabling, designing, implementing and refining AI streams in research projects, with involvement ranging from 2 months to 6 months or more, depending on requirements.


If you have a project in mind that would benefit from CMI-RSE involvement, you can find out more and register your interest with the RSE team here:

 CMI-RSE Collaborate

To find out more in general about working with the RSE and the services they offer please visit their website.

More about the RSE

The CMI and AI Research Engineering

For longer-term projects and those involving a greater degree of AI R&D, please also consider discussing your project with the CMI AI Research Engineering (AIRE) Team.

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