Materials processing

High temperature materials processing laboratory (M02)

State of the art capability for high temperature synthesis and materials processing

Elite furnace
  • Suite of high-temperature furnaces operating up to 1850°C – mostly supplied by Elite Thermal Systems
  • Capability to process under air, vacuum or gas atmosphere (inc. hydrogen)
  • Dedicated top-loading glass furnace with mechanical stirring
  • Elevator hearth furnace suitable for sample quenching from 1800°C
  • Microwave furnace system also available

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Hot Isostatic Press and welding station, AIP 6-30H (Quarrel Laboratory)

Unique UK capability for hot isostatic pressing of radioactive materials

AIP 6-30H Hot Isostatic Press
  • Development scale hot isostatic press for sample volumes up to ca. 300 ml
  • Vacuum operation up to 200 MPa Ar pressure
  • Processing temperature up to 2200°C
  • CSM100 Can Welder system for welding, crimping, heating, and evacuation, and bake out to 600°C
  • In house or commercial HIP can designs

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Glove box and chamber systems (M08)

Handling of radioactive and air sensitive materials

HEPA filtered glovebox
  • Plas Labs perspex glove boxes for U & Th powder handling (eg SIMfuel and glass production)
  • Plas Labs negative pressure perspex glove box for Tc powder handling (HEPA filtered)
  • Innovative Technologies positive pressure glove box (<1 ppm oxygen and water)
  • Wolf labs anaerobic chamber (<1 ppm oxygen)
  • Plas Labs nitrogen atmosphere glove box for dissolution experiments under carbon dioxide exclusion

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Powder milling, grinding and mixing systems (M01)

Batchwise comminution of hard to soft grinding material, dry or in suspension, down to colloidal fineness

Pulverisette 6 planetary monomill
  • Pulverisette 6 planetary monomill (up to 250 ml volume)
  • Pulverisette 7 planetary micromill (up to 60 ml volume)
  • Pulverisette 23 mini-mill (up to 5 ml volume)
  • In house designed roller mills (up to 1000 ml volume)
  • Zirconia, stainless steel, agate, and silicon nitride grinding bowls and media

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Cutting, grinding and polishing (M01)

Variety of tools for preparation of monoliths and SEM specimens

IsoMet Low Speed Saw
  • Buehler IsoMet low speed saw and diamond blades
  • Buehler MetaServ 2000 variable speed grinder / polisher for manual specimen preparation
  • Kemet 300 grinder / polisher for manual specimen preparation
  • Cold setting epoxy resin preparation station

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