The Erasmus Programme

This page is for students based at other universities who would like to come to Sheffield. Students from Sheffield who would like to go abroad should click here.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics (SoMaS) maintains an Erasmus Programme under bilateral agreements with around twenty-five Universities throughout Europe. We also offer some courses that can be taken by Erasmus visitors to other departments (such as Engineering or Economics). This page gives some information that is specific to SoMaS, but many questions are covered in more detail in the university Erasmus pages.

If you wish to come to Sheffield under this scheme, you should first contact the Erasmus tutor at your home university. They will nominate you, and when your nomination has been received and approved you will be given a link and a password which you can use to enter your application.

Applications should be received by the middle of June for Semester 1 entry and by the middle of October for Semester 2 entry. Applications for entry should NOT be sent before 1 May, as updated course details are not available until that date.

When your application has been approved, you will be sent information about accommodation. It is important that you should deal with it quickly; there are many good options, but they may become unavailable.

Semester dates are listed here. If you are going to be in Sheffield in Semester 1, you should arrive at the beginning of Intro Week, even though teaching does not start until the week after. If you are only coming for Semester 2, you should note that registration happens on the Friday before the official start of the semester, and lectures then start at 9.00 on Monday.

Detailed information about lecture courses is available here. You should make sure that you select the correct year, and you should note that the information may change. You should discuss with your Tutor in your own University which modules you should take and offer for examination.

You should normally take modules from those offered by SoMaS, but with written permission from your home Erasmus Tutor you may take up to 10 (or exceptionally 20) credits in each semester from another department. One of your registered modules can be a Tandem Learning Course in the Modern Languages Teaching Centre, and we encourage you to take this option to improve your English.  Tandem courses offer native speakers of two different languages the opportunity to work together in order to learn each other's language and develop a knowledge of the target culture and community. Participants meet face-to-face with their partner once a week, in their own time and place, and help each other through friendly corrections and advice, completing a series of tasks based on their learning interest and needs as identified with the module supervisor.

If you want to take a module from outside SoMaS or the MLTC then you will need to make the necessary arrangements yourself and check yourself that the timetable fits with the rest of your mathematics and statistics modules. The Erasmus Tutors in SoMaS are not able to assist in making arrangements for taking such courses.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to take a Tandem Learning course but we will let the MLTC know that you would like to do so. You will then need to register with the MLTC as soon as possible after you arrive in Sheffield. Usually there are more visiting students than UK students wishing to take Tandem Courses so some visitors are disappointed; you should apply early.

Numbers of credits

Some Sheffield courses run for one semester, and some run for a full year. Most one-semester modules have two lectures per week, and may have tutorials as well. These courses carry ten credits in the Sheffield system which is equivalent to five ECTS credits. Courses that run for a full year usually carry 20 Sheffield credits (10 ECTS credits).

If you are staying for a full year:

You will need to register for modules for both semesters when you arrive at the beginning of the year. You must register for between 100 and 120 Sheffield credits, and we strongly advise that you should register for exactly 120. Ideally you should do 60 credits in each semester, but if necessary you can do 50 credits in one semester and 70 in the other. If your home University requires you to take fewer than 120 credits then you must bring with you an offical letter in English saying this.

If you are only staying for one semester:

You must register for between 40 and 60 Sheffield credits, and we strongly advise that you should register for exactly 60. If your home University requires you to take fewer than 60 credits then you must bring with you an offical letter in English saying this. You may not take any year-long modules.

Further information

Please contact the Tutor for Erasmus Students, Dr Tobias Berger.