Welcome Home MEC!

On Monday 2nd March 2020, the Department of Mechanical Engineering held a ‘welcome home’ event for staff in the inspirational Engineering Heartspace.

Mech Eng staff

The event celebrated their return to the Grade II listed Sir Frederick Mappin Building and the 1885 Central Wing, as well as those taking up residence in the Engineering Heartspace.

A commemorative cake celebrating the Heartspace was the centrepiece at the event and the event team worked hard to bring the festivities!

Staff were reunited, or brought together for the first time as a department. Conversation flowed over coffee and Head of Department, Neil Sims gave a warm welcome to all as he cut the cake.

Neil said:

 “Moving home has already transformed life in the department. For many longer-serving members of staff it's actually been quite emotional! After over 3 years away from the building, we now have a large proportion of the staff and PhD students all co-located in a central space, which is fantastic for team work, and for collaborations from both a research and teaching perspective.”

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all!