MAT6104: Design and Manufacture of Composites

Spring Semester
Optional on Programmes: MECT40, MECT50, MECT53


Composite materials are an old idea (e.g. adobe) but recent advances (e.g carbon and glass fibre) have encouraged many industries to begin using them in mission-critical applications. This course allows you to start your journey into the world of composite materials, both from a design and manufacture perspective.

Dr Joel Foreman, Module Lead

Module Description

This module is designed to provide students with an understanding of both the design and manufacture of polymer composites and is presented in two sections. First, design of composites is taught via tutorials and practicals on classical laminate theory. An extended series of worked examples provides students with the basic tools they need to design effective composite parts. Second, manufacture of composites is taught via lectures. Students will learn multiple routes for making composite parts alongside practical issues such as defects, machining/joints, failure, testing and NDT, repair and SMART composites. 

Key Concepts & Assumed Knowledge

Combination of multiple materials to create entirely new composite materials. How to design and manufacture multi-phase materials.

Teaching Methods

• Lectures

• Tutorials

Assessment Methods

• Formal Exam 66%

• Group Assignment 33%: Solving a real world composite design and manufacture problem. You will work together with your group in your own time discussing, investigating and proposing a solution for each problem.

Module Aims

• Provide students with a good understanding of both the design and manufacture of polymer composites through both theory and problem solving approaches.

• Introduce a classical laminate theory as a design tool for the prediction of fibre composite properties.

• Introduce the dedicated manufacturing techniques for producing long fibre polymer composites, how they are tested, repaired and machined and why and how they fail.

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