Medicine MBChB - Entry 2020

How to apply

These pages relate to applications for 2020 entry.  Applicants for entry in 2019 can find the webpages that pertained to their application via the link on the right titled 'Medicine 2019 Entry'.

Applications for Medicine are made through the University and Colleges Admissions Service, (UCAS).

Applying for a place to study Medicine is extremely competitive.

  • For our five-year Medicine - MBChB programme (UCAS code A100) we currently have 273 places for Home students from the UK and European Union and 18 places available for International students.
  • For our four-year Graduate Entry Medicine - MBChB programme (UCAS code A101) we have 15 places for Home students from widening participation backgrounds.  Please note that we do not have international places for our A101 programme.

Application should be made for either the standard five-year A100 MBChB course or the Graduate Entry four-year A101 MBChB Medicine course.    Applicants who wish to be considered for both A100 and A101 will need to apply to both courses.

For entry in 2019 we received over 2000 applications for a total of 306 places. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications we receive we are unable to consider any late applications. The UCAS application deadline is 15 October 2019.

Completing your UCAS form

You have four choices available for Medical School applications and we encourage you to choose carefully on the basis of the grades that you have obtained or are expected to obtain and the entry requirements of each university.  Applications that do not meet our minimum academic and University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) entry requirements (in the absence of Disrupted Studies) will not be successful.  Details of the entry requirements of the Medical Schools in the United Kingdom can be found here.  Medical courses at different universities are taught differently, and you should choose those institutions whose teaching style matches your learning preference.  Your fifth choice may be left blank or used to apply for another degree course of your choice, without disadvantaging your application to the University of Sheffield Medical School.  You may apply for deferred entry if you wish and your application will not be disadvantaged.

You should ensure that you accurately complete in full the details of all of your qualifications. You must include details of all of your qualifications including the title, examining board, subjects studied, results obtained and whether or not the qualification has been certificated. If you have not yet obtained your results it is important that your referee completes your predicted grades. Please be as clear as possible and avoid any ambiguity.

How we select applicants for offers

We select applicants using a step-wise process that considers:

  1. Academic attainment against a set threshold and UCAT attainment against a set threshold.  A101 applicants and those A100 applicants applying through the Sheffield Hallam University or Bradford University routes are also required to meet Widening Participation criteria;
  2. Ranking of applicants on the basis of their UCAT score;
  3. Performance at Multiple Mini-Interview.

More details regarding each stage or our admissions selection process can be found on these pages.  You are encouraged to read these pages carefully before submitting your application.  You may also find it helpful to review these pages again if you are invited to attend a Multiple Mini-Interview.

What our students say...

The integrated nature of the course means that throughout your 5 years here there are numerous opportunities to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to practice as a doctor.  From full body dissection in 1st year to regular sessions with the Patients as Educators team and Masterclasses in 4th year, you are well supported as you learn new skills and encouraged to develop and pursue your own interests.  But Sheffield is more than just the course, and with a huge number of societies and sports teams to be involved in you will never be short of extra-curricular activities to choose from.  However, one of the best things about Sheffield is despite it's size, the city feels very small and is incredibly friendly and welcoming.  This makes it a perfect place to spend 5 years and I can't think of anywhere else that can claim to offer all this.

PHILIP MITCHELL, medical society president 2019-20

A sense of community and belonging underpins our time at Sheffield Medical School.  Our development as medical professionals is supported throughout the course - from the introductory module in Year 1 to the student assistantship of Year 5 - by peers, staff, and the wider university campus.  We develop our knowledge, skills and attitudes as part of a spiral curriculum throughout our time as Sheffield and we reflect on our understanding by regularly meeting patients.  This early patient contact ensures we are cognizant of the impact of disease on people's everyday lives; placements begin in first year with students attending GP tutorials and taking part in the Community Attachment Scheme in which home visits are made.  The Medical Society offers peer-support and collaborates with a range of academic, special interest, and sports societies to ensure students are able to explore wider interests whilst developing their interpersonal skills.  Students are supportive of one another and we benefit from our diverse, vibrant, and growing community.

ASIM ABBAS, MEDSOC admissions liaison 2019-20