MBChB Student Entry Agreement 2020 Entry

As a medical student and future doctor and member of the medical profession, you are expected to meet the General Medical Council standards laid out in Achieving Good Medical Practice: guidance for medical students (May 2016).  You are expected to become familiar with the contents of this document and the related document: Professional behaviour and fitness to practise: guidance for medical students and their students. (May 2016) from the very start of the course.

These documents can be accessed via the GMC website:

Achieving Good Medical Practice

Professional behaviour and fitness to practice

Achieving Good Medical Practice explains the standards expected of you (both inside and outside of the medical school) in 4 domains:

  • Domain 1:  Knowledge, skills and performance
  • Domain 2:  Safety and quality
  • Domain 3:  Communication, partnership and teamwork
  • Domain 4:  Maintaining trust

As it is so important that you understand and accept the standards and requirements explained in Achieving Good Medical Practice, we require you confirm the following:

  1. I have obtained copies of Achieving Good Medical Practice: guidance for medical students (May 2016) and Professional behaviour and fitness to practise: guidance for medical students and their students (May 2016), and if relation to the different sections in Achieving Good Medical Practice you are asked to confirm the following:
  2. I will develop and maintain my professional performance (pages 8-11)
  3. I will apply my knowledge and experience to practice (pages 11, 12)
  4. I will be professional on my clinical placements (pages 12, 13)
  5. I will follow the requirements concerning consent (pages 14, 15)
  6. I will record my work clearly, accurately and legibly (pages 16, 17)
  7. I will contribute to and comply with systems to protect patients (page 18)
  8. I will respond to risks to safety (page 19)
  9. I will follow guidance about raising concerns about patient safety or the behaviour, health or wellbeing of my colleagues or members of staff (pages 20-22)
  10. I will protect patients and colleagues from any risk posed by my health (pages 24-26)
  11. I will inform the medical school and accept advice if I have or develop a health condition (pages 27, 28)
  12. I will communicate effectively (pages 29, 30)
  13. I will work collaboratively with colleagues to maintain or improve patient care (pages 30, 31)
  14. I will contribute to the teaching, training, support and assessment of other students when opportunities arise (page 31)
  15. I will contribute to the continuity and co-ordination of patient care, when circumstances call for this (page 32)
  16. I will establish and maintain partnerships with patients (pages 32, 33)
  17. I will maintain patient confidentiality (pages 33, 35)
  18. I will follow the recommendations relating to the use of social media (pages 36, 37)
  19. I understand when it may be appropriate for me to make a conscientious objection to my involvement in some aspects of treatment (pages 37, 38)
  20. I will show respect for patients (page 39)
  21. I will treat patients and colleagues fairly and without discrimination (pages 40, 41)
  22. I will act with dignity and integrity (pages 42, 43)
  23. I will be open and cooperate with any legal or disciplinary proceedings that involve me personally (pages 44, 46)
  24. I understand and aim to avoid the areas of unprofessional behaviour that would be a cause for concern for the medical school and the General Medical Council (pages 47-53)

In order to continue on the course students must confirm and accept the following statements:

I accept the standards and requirements expected of me as a medical student as listed in statements 1-24 above.

I will inform the medical school if, at any stage of the course, I am no longer able to meet the standards and requirements listed in statements 1-24 above.

I understand that if the Medial School discovers that I have been untruthful in my application, it reserves the right to terminate the course of study.