Graduate Entry Medicine - MBChB (A101):  Academic, UCAT and Widening Participation Entry Requirements

We have fifteen places available to Home applicants from widening participation backgrounds for our four-year Graduate Entry Medicine - MBChB (A101) programme.  Applicants for this programme will be required to demonstrate that they come from a widening participation background and that they meet our minimum academic and UCAT requirements.  The requirements set out on this page are the minimum required in order to be considered for entry to the A101 Graduate Entry Medicine programme.  Meeting the minimum academic, UCAT and widenining participation entry requirements does not guarantee an invitation to interview or the offer of a place. If you wish to also be considered for the 5-year Medicine - MBChB (A100) programme you will need to apply to that course via UCAS as a separate choice.

Widening Participation Entry Requirements

This degree programme is only open to Home students from Widening Participation backgrounds.  The A101 Graduate Entry Medicine MBChB programme is not open to Home students who are not from a Widening Participation background.  There are no International places available for this programme.

We will consider applicants to meet our widening participation criteria if they met any two or more of the following criteria at the point they completed their A-Levels (or equivalent qualifications):

  • Lived in a area with a low progression to higher education;
  • Lived in a deprived area;
  • Received free school meals in years 10-13;
  • Received a 16-19 Bursary or similar grant;
  • Was a young carer;
  • Lived in local authority care during secondary education;
  • Was estranged from both of their parents or legal guardians during their secondary/further education;
  • Have parents who do not hold higher education qualifications;
  • Have parents who were unemployed or working in unskilled jobs;
  • Have a disability.

We will determine whether applicants meet our widening participation entry requirements by sending them a simple form to complete, which includes definitions for the criteria set out above.  You can find a copy of the form here for your information.  You may download the form and submit it to  If you choose to do this, please submit it to  Alternatively, we will send this to applicants to complete on receipt of their application.  Applicants will be required to return the form to us by 5pm on Friday 1st November 2019 at the latest and we will not be able to process the application if the completed form is not received.  Applicants who receive offers will be required to provide supporting evidence at registration or a statement to indicate why such evidence cannot be provided.

Academic Entry Requirements

Applicants are required to meet both our minimum A Level and our minimum Degree academic entry requirements.  (We do not consider GCSEs or AS Levels for this programme.)  Applicants are also required to meet our minimum English Language requirements.  We do not rank applicants on the basis of their academic attainment.

A Level Qualifications

Applicants must typically have grades of at least BBB at A Level at the time of application, one of which must be Chemistry or Biology.

Please note:

  • The requirement for BBB at A Level means at least a B grade in each of the three A Levels;
  • All three A Levels must have been taken in the same sitting;
  • Where an A Level has a separately graded practical component, this practical component is required and must have been passed;
  • We do accept A Level resits.  Any and all A Level resits must be taken in one sitting, and only one resit per A Level is permitted.  Only those A Levels that do not meet the above entry requirements need to be retaken;
  • A Levels in Further Mathematics, Critical Thinking and General studies are not accepted for the A101 programme; 
  • For applicants who took four A Levels in a two year period (typically years 12 and 13 at school) including Mathematics and Further Mathematics, we will accept the Mathematics A Level, even if it is taken in Year 12, and irrespective of whether the A Level is certificated in Year 12 or 13.  It is expected that Chemistry or Biology and another subject (that is not Critical Thinking, Further Mathematics or General Studies) will be taken in Year 13;
  • Where a graduate applicant has BBB or better at A Level but the pre-degree A Levels do not include Chemistry or Biology we will consider their application provided they have taken an A Level in either Chemistry or Biology during or after their Bachelor's degree and achieved (or are predicted to achieve) a Grade B or higher.

For applicants not holding A Levels, our usual requirement for other qualifications is:

  • Cambridge Pre-U Certificate - grades M2, M2, M2 including Chemistry or Biology;
  • Scottish Highers - Advanced Highers grades BB including Chemistry or Biology;
  • Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma - grade B, plus grades BB in two A Levels, subjects must include Chemistry or Biology;
  • Irish Leaving Certificate - H3,H3,H3,H3,H3,H3 with H3 in Chemistry or Biology;
  • International Baccalaureate - 32 points overall with 5's in Higher Level subjects (to include Chemistry or Biology) and no less than 4 in each of the Standard Level subjects.

We are not able to consider the following qualifications for entry to our Graduate Entry Medicine course:

  • Bedales Examinations
  • BTECs
  • HE Diplomas
  • International Certificate of Christian Education
  • Foundation courses
  • Access courses
  • Bachelor's degrees that are not in Life Sciences subjects
  • Masters degrees
  • PhDs.

Degree qualifications

Applicants for this programme will need to have (or be predicted) to attain an upper second class or first class Bachelor's degree in an appropriate life sciences subject.  We are looking for applicants whose degrees will have given them an appropriate level of understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

Please note:

Appropriate life sciences degrees include, but are not limited to the following degrees (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • BMedSci
  • BSc Anatomy and Physiology
  • BSc Biomedical Science
  • BSc Clinical Science
  • BSc Healthcare Science
  • BSc Human Physiology
  • BSc Medical Science
  • BSc Pharmacology
  • BDS (Dentistry)
  • MPharm

We do not consider the following degrees to be appropriate life sciences degrees and they do not meet our entry requirements:

  • BSc Biology
  • BSc Botany
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Marine Biology
  • BSc Orthoptics

We do not consider postgraduate Masters degrees (i.e. when taken as a second degree) or PhD's when determining whether you meet our academic entry requirements.

If your degree does not appear on the lists above we may still be able to accept it.  We strongly recommend that you contact the medial admissions team ( prior to submitting your application with a copy of your degree transcript and/or syllabus.  We will then be able to advise you whether we will accept your degree or not.

If your degree does not appear on the lists above, we will require you to submit a degree transcript to us with your application for consideration.

Graduates and soon-to-be graduates who have (or are soon to have) a Bachelor's degree in a subject other than an appropriate life sciences subject, or who do not come from a widening participation background are not eligible to apply for our graduate entry programme, but are welcome to apply for the A100 five-year programme.

University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) requirements

Everyone applying to study Medicine at the University of Sheffield will need to undertake the University Clinical Aptitude Test for Medicine and Dentistry (UCAT) in order to be eligible for admission.  The test must be taken prior to your application in the year of application.  Details of test dates and how to register can be found on the UCAT website which can be accessed from the link on the right.  Please note that test results are only valid for the current admissions cycle: if you re-apply to this Medical School you will need to sit the test again.  In addition to the academic requirements, candidates must have achieved a score of 2420/3600 or above to be given further consideration.  Candidates must meet the UCAT entry requirements AND the academic entry requirements AND the widening participation criteria.  The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) component is only considered for those applicants who are invited to attend a Multiple Mini-Interview.  UCAT have produced a guidance video to help you prepare for the test, and you can view that here.

Please note:

  • We will aim to invite 50-100 A101 applicants for interview.  In the event that we receive more applications than we have interview spaces for, applicants who meet or exceed the minimum academic requirements, the minimum UCAT requirement and the widening participation criteria may be ranked based on their UCAT score after the application deadline to determine which of these applicants are invited to attend a Multiple Mini Interview.
Disrupted Studies If you have experienced issues of a personal, social or domestic nature that have affected either your post-16 studies, or any qualifications that are cited in our course entry requirements, you can let us know by completing our Disrupted Studies form.  Details of the Medical School's Admissions Policy on Disrupted Studies is available via the download on the right, and you are encouraged to read this carefully before submitting a Disrupted Studies form.  You can find more information via the following link: Disrupted Studies