Mature students 2020 Entry

The Medical School encourages applications from mature students. Although we have no upper age limit, it seems sensible only to accept those who can provide a reasonable period of service to the Health Service after graduation. As will be seen from the comments below, we accept mature students from varied backgrounds and of differing ages.

We do not have a quota for the number of mature students that are admitted to the Medicine - MBChB (A100) programme.

Graduate applicants should be aware that they may not be eligible to receive a loan for tuition fees, therefore graduate applicants may want to contact Student Finance England for information and advice.

I remember coming to Sheffield Medical School and after talking to just a handful of people, thinking to myself 'wow everyone is so friendly!'  I spoke to a couple of medical students and they all thought the Medical School was brilliant.  I was a bit sceptical because I thought maybe they'd been forced into giving the Medical School a wonderful review, but after being here for nearly two years I am honoured to be part of an amazing Medical School.  There is so much academic help available including many revision sessions put on by the Medical Society.

A major bonus about the Medical School is the 2 weeks of ICE in your first year.  For me it was great because as a postgraduate I had been sitting in lectures for three years and had never been on the wards.  It gives you a bit of a teaser as to what clinical years will be like.  There are so many sub-societies to get involved in and you'll definitely find something for you.  The buddying scheme put on by the Medical Society pairs first year students with second year students.  The advantage of this scheme is that you have someone who can give you advice on revision, what textbooks to buy and even the best places in town to eat!  I definitely do not regret my decision to come to Sheffield Medical School; it has been a wonderful experience so far and I'm looking forward to my next three years here.

francesca onyina - mature student