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2023 Cohort
Student Name Project Title Lead Supervisor Industrial Partner
Mostafa Salem Modelling and simulation of microstructure and defect evolution in Additive Manufacturing Hector Basoalto-Ibarra GKN
Tom Cole In-Situ Tensile Compression Total Scattering Measurements Lewis Owen ISIS
Dillon Frith Development of In-Process NDE Machining Force Feedback Analysis for Titanium Alloy Component Analysis Martin Jackson Rolls-Royce
Jack Krohn Development of a Powder Based Manufacturing Route for Affordable Titanium Aluminide Sheet for Nacelle Engine Applications Martin Jackson Boeing
Lucas Cook Development of the Conform Process to Recycle Titanium Alloy Swarf into Wire for Sustainable Additive Manufacturing Feedstock Martin Jackson DSTL
Józef McGowen Understanding the Machinability of Titanium Alloy Components From a Range of Processing Routes to Inform Tooling Solutions for Next Generation Closed Loop Recycling Technologies Martin Jackson Sandvik
Richard Thomson Real time optical monitoring to understand railway rail wear and its dependence on steel metallurgy David Fletcher British Steel
Grey Bell Increasing the Use of Scrap Steel - Challenges and Opportunities Richard Thackray Sustain
Kate Bowers Development of new copper based wires for green energy sector from recycled feedstocks using continuous extrusion Martin Jackson Wieland
Grace Fidler Retained Austenite Decomposition, and its Effect on Microstructure and Properties in Low-Alloy Steels. Ed Pickering Rolls-Royce
Olivia Broadbent-Clark Improving Tolerance of Aluminium Alloys to Impurity Elements Joe RObson Novelis
Matthew Williamson Environmentally Assisted Cracking of High Strength Al Alloys – Transition from Initiation to Sustainable Cracking Tim Burnett Airbus
Xavier Ojeda Thermo mechanical effects on Ti deformation mechanisms in cold dwell Joao Fonseca Rolls-Royce
Eamonn Lawlor Ti-64 cold dwell fatigue loading - effect of stress concentrations and fatigue crack growth rates Phil Prangnell Airbus
Sydney Coates Understanding the materials performance of additive manufactured stainless steel components in high temperature water Fabio Scenini Rolls-Royce
Ramzy Abou-Zeid X-ray Computer Tomography and Microstructural Characterisation of Additive Structures for Advanced Repair of Aeroengine Components John Francis Rolls-Royce
Riccardo Sorrill Application of In-process monitoring to enhance the quality of alloy parts obtained by additive manufacturing Adam Boyce  
Yvonne Omowunmi-Kayode Laser texturing of ultrasonic probe tip for enhanced anti-fouling properties  


Andrea Villano Investigation of the use of 5G to enhance additive manufacturing processing performance Denis Dowling  
Meric Ikiz Laser processing for improved surface anti-fouling profile control    
Pouya Rajaee Influence of print processing parameters on the properties of alloy parts obtained using additive manufacturing Di Nguyen  
Ali Geranmayeh Develop the next generation of nitinol based actuators    
Micaela Villa Rosero Process parameters for improved control of ink production, viscosity, nanoparticle size and phase structure for a flexible solar cell exemplar production    
Ajai Sankar Printing of novel alloy microstructures using additive manufacturing Mert Celkin  
2022 Cohort
Student Name Project Title Lead Supervisor Industrial Partner
Aidan Ha A Digital Twin of abnormally coarse grain structures in critical titanium forgings for military aircraft applications Joao Fonseca DSTL
Ciaran Miles High Entropy Alloy Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Automotive Stamped Steel Adrian Leyland Volkswagen
Durga Tilak Eddy Current Reduction in Automotive Permanent Magnets Julian Dean Volkswagen
Joseph Hopkinson Development of enhanced titanium alloys from recycled powder through the FAST processing route for next generation Martin Jackson Rolls Royce
Martin Tse Alloy development for blue hydrogen steam reformer applications Katerina Christofidou Paralloy
Miles Cooke Effect of Irradiation and Microsegregation on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties on Low-Alloy Steel Welds Ed Pickering Rolls Royce
Niels Schreiner High temperature total scattering studies of metallic systems Lewis Owen Diamond Light Source
Philomenah Holladay Extending rail life through metallurgical understanding of modern rail steels David Fletcher Network Rail
Samuel Eka Datacentric Engineering for Materials and Structures Norman Paton Rolls Royce
Samuel Yeates Low-activation multicomponent alloy development for fusion armour applications Amy Gandy UKAEA
Sampreet Rangaswamy Development and Validation of Thermal Models of the Additive Manufacturing of Nickel Based Alloys Dermot Brabazon ANSYS
Mina Sadet Mousavi Investigation of the use of Additive Manufacturing for the printing of Tantalum Denis Dowling Croom Precision Tooling
Saeid Heidarinassab Abrasive Discs Product Performance Enhancement and Benchmarking and Development of Online Quality Control Dermot Brabazon Abcon
2021 Cohort

Student Name

Project Title

Lead Supervisor

Industrial Partner

Elif Sen

Heterogeneous case-carburised bearing steel microstructures

Enrique Jimenez-Melero


Samuel Engel

Microstructural simulation tools for fusion materials

Pratheek Shanthraj


James Sharples

Thermo mechanical effects on Ti deformation mechanisms in cold dwell

Joao Fonseca

Mehreen Khan

Comparing Hydrogen Transport and Trapping Mechanisms: Controlling Embrittlement as a Function of Charging Method in Steels and Nickel Alloys

Brian Connolly


Tom Hughes

In-situ loading during irradiation of materials for fusion applications

Ed Pickering


Sian Odell

Novel Zirconium Refined Magnesium Alloys

Joe Robson


Ashutosh Gupta

Advancing Gear Oil Insights - tribofilm and subsurface correlation focusing on ashless versus organometallic chemistries

Allan Matthews


Alex Sloane

Managing microstructure and defect populations in Engineering Alloys

Iain Todd


Ben Jolly

Novel analytical methods for assessing local environments in multicomponent systems for nuclear applications

Lewis Owen

ISIS Neutron Facility

Jacob Whittle

Engineering performance and sustainability metrics to drive optimisation of steel in low carbon rail transport networks

David Fletcher.

British Steel

Will Robertson

Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Residual and Critical Elements in Steel:Removal, Recovery and Substitution

Richard Thackray

Tata Steel

Kamila Nowosad

Using Historic Materials Data from Assurance Testing to Optimise Future Manufacturing Processes of High Integrity Components

Dan Cogswell


Dennis Premoli

In-process machining force feedback for titanium alloy digital twins

Martin Jackson


Joshua Taylor

Development of machining digital twins that predict microstructural damage and service life for a range of titanium alloy processing routes

Martin Jackson

Seco Tools AB

Siti Ahmed

Environmental Impact of Alternative Blast Furnace Ironmaking Materials

Richard Thackray

British Steel

Josephine Ryan Murphy

Additive Manufacturing of MP35N alloy tubing and wire

Dermot Brabazon

FW Metals

Theo Mossop

Development of a low-notch sensitive, fatigue resistant titanium alloy
for additive manufacturing flow paths

Mert Celikin


Neha Agarwal

Additive Manufacturing of NiTi stents of various designs

Dermot Brabazon

FW Metals

Ali Shayegh

Simulating extreme metal forming deformations in high-strength steels

Philip Cardiff

NV Bekaert SA, Belgium

Tina Hashemi Osteoinduction Augmented Magnesium Medical Implants for Skeletal Repair Nicholas Dunne PBC Biomed
2020 Cohort
Student Name Project Title Lead Supervisor Industrial Partner
Alex Hanson Understanding the Effect of Strain on Microstructure Properties and Environmental Degradation of AGR Fuel Cladding Dirk Engleberg NNL
Callum Andrew Effect of vanadium and copper on defect structure generation during neutron irradiation of zirconium-based materials Philipp Frankel Westinghouse
Cameron Grant Integrated Computational-Experimental Study of Microstructurally Short Crack Propagation in AA7xxx alloys Pratheek Shanthraj Airbus
Emilios Leonidas Development of Innovative Instrumentation and Modelling for 21st Century CNC Machining Jon Wilmott AMRC
Enn Veikesaar The evolution of microstructure and toughness in multipass welds that contain acicular ferrite John Francis Framatome
Fran Synnott Developing high Co-containing Ni-based superalloys with improved oxidation behaviour for future jet-engine applications Kathy Christofidou Rolls Royce
Henry Boyle Development of new innovative materials and CNC processing routes Martin Jackson Sandvik
Jake Larkin Irradiation damage and recovery of zirconium-based alloys Chris Race Westinghouse
Jamie McGregor Quantification of damage in heavy metals as investigated through X-ray CT Tim Burnett AWE
Joshua Berry Material and process design for additive manufacturing of hard metals Kathy Christofidou Oerlikon
Laura Gonzalez Crystal Plasticity and Microstructure Modelling for Rolled Aluminium Sheet Joe Robson Novelis
Molly Cao Understanding the interaction of galling and oxidation in hard facing materials Fabio Scenini Rolls Royce
Natasha Sweeney Fort Powder Metallurgical Processing For Graded Alloy Microstructures Richard Thackray Johnson Matthey
Oluwawunmi Olukoya Understanding the interaction between automative silver tracks and lead-free solders Russell Goodall Johnson Matthey
Patrick Curran Understanding micro-texture heterogeneity effects on the micromechanical behaviour of Ti aerospace forgings Joao Fonseca Airbus
Sulayman Khan Development of Advanced High Modulus Steels for Automotive Applications Eric Palmiere VW
Alison Clarke 3D printing of continuous stainless steel wire composite parts Denis Dowling Bekaret
Mark Swayne Anticorrosive and anti-fouling surface modification of Pulsed Electric Field electrodes using laser processing Demot Brabazon Pro Stainless
Federico Mazzanti Development of novel numerical methods for analysing metal forming of high-strength steels Philip Cardiff Bekaret
2019 Cohort
Student Name Project Title Lead Supervisor Industrial Partner
Guy Bowker Modelling the microstructure evolution during hot working of Ti alloys Pratheek Santhraj Airbus
Mike White Developing a "microstructural fingerprint" of titanium alloys - metallurgy in the information age Chris Race Rolls Royce
Huda Al-Jurani Surface Modification of Metallic Reaction Vessels to Resist Scaling by Calcium Salts David Lewis BP
Sakina Rehman Modelling environmentally assisted cracking in Ni-based superalloys Pratheek Santhraj Rolls Royce
Josh Collins A Comparison of Steels for Nuclear Bolting Applications Ed Pickering Rolls Royce
Ashley Scarlett Small Scale Laboratory to Large Scale Component Manufacture - Scaling of Heat Treatment Behaviour of Low Alloy Steels Eric Palmiere Rolls Royce
Elizabeth Davis-Fowell Development of novel permanent magnet designs for electric vehicle motors Russell Goodall VW
Frances Livera Brazing for Additive Manufacture and Additive Manufacture for Brazing Russell Goodall UKAEA
Lucy Farquhar Development of Laser Powder Bed Fusion process for Complex Concentrated Alloys Russell Goodall Boeing
Sam Lister Development of hybrid advanced manufacturing FAST-forge route for next generation aerospace components Martin Jackson Rolls Royce
Xavier Morrel Development of Novel Nickel Brazing Filler Metals Based on High Entropy Alloys Russell Goodall VBC Group
Kavi Sharma Cladding behaviour of high enrichment and high burn-up nuclear fuel: determining the impact of radiation damage on storage and corrosion Amy Gandy NNL 
Anesu Nyabadza Development of high concentration magnesium composite and elemental production, for process quality control and targeted application Mercedes Vazques Oriel
Bryan Naab Fatigue Performance of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Material Denis Dowling Stryker
Josiah Chekotu Additive Manufacturing (AM) and characterisation of heat exchange component Dermot Brabazon Exergyn
Nikoletta Sargioti 3D Printed Medical-Grade Metal-based Microneedles as a Modular Platform for Minimally Invasive Therapeutic Delivery Nicholas Dunne pHion


2018 Cohort
Student Name

Project Title

Lead Supervisor Industrial Partner
Kirstie Bruce Heat Treatment Optimisation of Electron Beam Welded Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels Ed Pickering Rolls Royce
Elliot Cooksey-Nash Tailored Properties in Aluminium Automotive Body Sheet Phil Prangnell Primetals
Ryan Euesden The EAC initiation behavior of 7xxx series aluminium alloys Tim Burnett Airbus
Francesco Guarracino The Effect of Accelerated Ageing of Hybrid-Hot Formed Aluminium Automotive Panels on Corrosion Resistance Joe Robson Impression Technologies
Wayne Heatman The effects of microstructure on the ductility of aerospace titanium alloys Joao Fonseca Rolls Royce
Niall Hughes Novel Aluminium Alloys for Defence Applications Joe Robson DSTL
Daniel Jensen Microstructural Engineering for Ultra High Strength Wire Mark Rainforth British Steel
Omer Koc Irradiation damage in Zr alloys Michael Preuss  
Elaine Livera Defect Identification and Characterization in Blown Powder Additively Manufactured Parts Iain Todd GKN Aerospace
Ziyu Ma Dynamic Precipitation of Aluminum Alloy during Warm Forming Joe Robson Constellium
James Pepper Computational investigation into SPS for Ti and additional complex alloys for potential use in the aerospace and biomedical sector Martin Jackson DSTL 
Paul Stavroulakis Investigation of the elastic properties of Cu-Ni and β-Ti systems using DFT Russell Goodall Volkswagen
Mark Taylor The Performance of Novel Ultra-High-Strength Steels for Future Aerospace Applications  Tim Burnett Rolls Royce
Paul Twine The Stability of Triple Junctions Chris Race  
Tongyu Wang Modelling for Advanced Steel Manufacture Eric Palmiere Sheffield Forgemasters
Adam Wilby Predictive Rail Investigation for Damage Evaluation David Fletcher  British Steel
Yichao Yao The modelling of alloy element diffusion between oxides layer and matrix in 7xxx al alloys Pratheek Shanthraj Airbus
2017 Cohort
Student Name Project Title Lead Supervisor Industrial Partner
Florian Buschek Tailoring of Material Properties via Microstructure control during Metallic Additive Manufacturing Iain Todd GKN Aerospace
Louise Chan Processing Beta Titanium Alloys in Powder-Based Additive Manufacturing Iain Todd GKN Aerospace
Simon Graham Ore-to-More: Creating new markets for novel low-cost titanium alloys from synthetic rutile Martin Jackson Metalysis
Athanasios Gredis Environmental effect on the integrity of 316 stainless steel in AGR coolant Fabio Scenini EDF
Callum Hunt Chromium-coated Zirconium alloys for Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding Michael Preuss Westinghouse
Philip Kearns An investigation on the degradation mechanism and optimization design of high temperature abradable coatings Xiaorong Zhou Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials
Oliver Levano Blanch Development of a hybrid solid state joining process – FAST-weld – for next generation aerospace components using dissimilar titanium alloy powders Martin Jackson Rolls Royce
Pablo Rodriguez Lago Evaluation of weld deposited novel iron based hard facings Mark Rainforth Rolls Royce
Pawel Stuglik Developing novel iron-based hard-facing alloys for nuclear applications Michael Preuss Rolls Royce
Alex Wilson Environmentally assisted cracking (EAC) of Ultra-High Strength Steels Fabio Scenini Airbus
Ben Wilson Understanding the Role of Hy Joe Robson Airbus
2016 Cohort
Student Name Project Title Lead Supervisor Industrial Partner
Sam Armson The importance of grain nucleation versus growth in the evolution of oxides in Zr alloys  Philipp Frankel Rolls Royce
Ioannis Bellos Understanding the Effects of Banded Microstructures in Material Addition Repairs for Aerospace Components Phil Prangnell Rolls Royce
Beatriz Fernandez Silva Investigating the effect of thermomechanical processing on microtexture in Ti834 compressor disc alloy Martin Jackson  Rolls Royce
Alex Garrett Simulation of precipitate formation under irradiation in low-alloy pressure vessel steels via novel manufacturing Chris Race Rolls Royce
Liam Hardwick Development of Novel Nickel Brazing Alloys Russell Goodall VBC Group
Alistair Lyle Printability Maps for Additive Manufacture of Nickel Aerospace Component Iain Todd GKN Aerospace
Chris Martin The Effect of Thermomechanical Processing on the Microstructural Evolution of Ni-Based Alloys Grace Burke Rolls Royce
Dhinisa Patel High entropy alloys for fusion: Exploration of novel processing routes and HEA stability in extreme environments Amy Gandy CCFE
Daniel Suarez Fernandez Effect of variation in machining-induced damage in aeroengine high performance materials Martin Jackson Rolls Royce
2015 Cohort
Student Name Project Title Lead Supervisor Industrial Partner
Alessandro Cattivelli Mechanisms of underclad intergranular cracking in a reactor pressure vessel steel after post-weld heat treatment John Francis Areva
Claudius Dichtl The role of microstructure on strain localization in near-alpha titanium alloy Michael Preuss Rolls Royce and Timet
Shaun Earl Surface degradation mechanisms in rail steels Mark Rainforth British Steel
Robert Howell Tantalum-based alloys for high heat flux environments Brad Wynne Metalysis
Benjamin Jones The influence of composition and wire drawing on the microstructure and properties of high strength wire rod steels Mark Rainforth British Steel
Marta Muniz Mangas Welding of bainitic rail steels Eric Palmiere British Steel
Zaheen Shah Characterising and modelling precipitation in zirconium alloys Joe Robson Westinghouse and Sandvik
Sarah Smyth Low cost titanium wire for additive manufacturing of defence equipment Martin Jackson DSTL
Emmanouil Stavroulakis Functionally graded components for nuclear applications Michael Preuss Rolls Royce
Thomas Woodward Understanding environment-induced degradation of steels using novel in-situ analytical transmission electron microscopy techniques Grace Burke BP
2014 Cohort
Student Name Project Title Lead Supervisor Industrial Partner
Michael Atkinson Reverse loading in aero-engine relevant alloys João Quinta da Fonseca Rolls Royce
Charlotte Boig Selective laser melting of nickel-base superalloys for turbocharger applications  Iain Todd Cummins Turbo Technologies
Emily Davison Processing of material addition repairs for aerospace components Iain Todd Rolls Royce
Joseph Fixter Aluminium alloy development for large scale additive manufacturing of aerospace components  Phil Prangnell Constellium
Rebecca Jones The effect of niobium on the microstructural evolution of Zr alloys during proton irradiation Philipp Frankel Rolls Royce
Michael Kenyon Effect of chromium containing dispersoids on microstructure evolution of Al-Mg-Si alloys Joe Robson Novelis
Jacob Pop Investigation into the HOLLOFORM hybrid manufacturing process to produce cylindrical components from dissimilar titanium alloys Martin Jackson  
Bhushan Rakshe Precipitation and recrystallisation behaviour in microalloyed steels containing dilute Nb additions Eric Palmiere CBMM
Nicolas Tankov Processing of Nb-silicide based alloys Panos Tsakiropoulos Rolls Royce
Rhys Thomas Delayed hydride cracking of Zr LWR cladding with proton irradiation Philipp Frankel Rolls Royce
Petit Wiringgalih The role of oxygen in mitigating pellet-cladding interaction in zirconium alloys Philipp Frankel
2013 Cohort
Project Title Industrial Partner
Wear forensics BP Castrol
Corrosion fatigue cracking in CO2/H2S environments under biaxial stress loading BP
The effect of proton irradiation on the corrosion of Zr LWR cladding Rolls Royce
Ore-to-More: Creating new markets for novel low-cost titanium alloys from natural and synthetic rutile Metalysis
Hydrogen embrittlement in next generation nuclear reactor steels under irradiation  
High performance magnesium alloys for aerospace applications Magnesium Elektron
Processing of Nb-silicide based alloys Rolls Royce
Control of cosmetic corrosion in aluminium automotive alloys AkzoNobel
Heat treatment aspects in the production of large forgings Sheffield Forgemasters and Rolls Royce
Modelling the interaction of alloying elements with irradiation in zirconium nuclear fuel cladding Rolls Royce
Modelling for high quality heat treatment of large forgings Sheffield Forgemasters
Predicting damage in corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs) under combined effects of stress and corrosion BP
Rapid prototyping of new materials and heat treatments for large scale forgings by undertaking microstructure/mechanical property assessment at the correct length scale Sheffield Forgemasters
Manufacture testing and validation of hybrid ALM components GKN Aerospace
Direct observation of the movement of the austenite-ferrite interface in steels  
The effect of hot working and heat treatment parameters on the microstructure and properties of ZERON 100 super duplex stainless steel forgings NeoNickel
Understanding the oxidation of zirconium alloys with atomistic simulation
2012 Cohort
Project Title Industrial Partner
Metallic nanostructures for printed electronics applications  
Cobalt free hard facing materials for nuclear applications Rolls Royce
Performance characterisation of a new generation nickel-base alloy for oil & gas well environment applications Special Metals
Thermomechanical Processing of Magnesium Alloy Elektron 43 Magnesium Elektron
Elucidating sour corrosion scales BP
Radiation-induced microstructural evolution of ODS steel welds for next generation nuclear reactors TWI
The effect of microstructure on the performance of nickel-based alloys for use in oil and gas applications BP
Organic finishes on coil-coated steel: surface treatments and cut edges AkzoNobel
Development of new magnetic materials using high throughput approaches European Space Agency
Industrial symbiosis within the steel industry Tata Steel
Modelling of hot titanium extrusions for enhanced shape, microstructure and crystallographic texture control Alcoa
Breakaway growth in neutron and proton irradiated Zr alloys National Nuclear Laboratory
2011 Cohort
Project Title Industrial Partner
The supply and recovery of strategically important steel alloying elements Tata
Development of the mechanistic understanding of pond corrosion of AGR cladding  NNL
Advanced Aluminium Alloy 2139 for Armour Applications DSTL
Understanding the pit-crack transition in offshore structural materials BP
Deposition and properties of nickel-based superalloys by electron beam additive layer manufacture  
A comparison of neutron, ion and proton irradiation on the microstructure evolution of zirconium alloys Rolls Royce
Processing and Testing for the Rapid Discovery of New Alloys ESA
Microstructural and fractographic characterisation of air and environmentally-assisted fatigue (corrosion fatigue) in 304SS (Serco) Serco Assurance
Characterising dental implant osseointegration: Surface modification and properties  
Application of Taper-Rolling to the Near-Net Shape Production of Aluminium Wing Skins Siemens
Irradiation induced growth in Zr alloys   
Controlled martensite phase transformation for ultrahigh strength press hardened steel design for automotive structural components ArcelorMittal
Integration of Computational Materials Engineering with Aerospace Structures Boeing
Excessive grain coarsening in IN718 engine disc forgings Otto-Fuchs
Deformation mechanisms in nanostructured materials  
Direct particle rolling of novel titanium alloy feedstocks and chemistries for the next generation of armour and defence applications DSTL
Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties evalaution in stationary shoulder friction stir welding of high strength aluminium alloy  
Microstructure Simulation and In-situ Measurement of ALM Processes EADS
2010 Cohort
Project Title Industrial Partner
Novel Shape Memory Alloys  
The development of aluminium foams with tailored mesostructure for enhanced heat transfer Alcan
Microstructure modelling and property prediction of nickel based superalloys for aerospace applications Firth Rixson
Solid state processing of novel metastable beta titanium alloys Boei/ Metalysis
Solidification Processing of Nb Silicide Based Alloys For Next Generation Gas Turbines Rolls Royce
Environmentally friendly novel coatings for aerospace alloys Airbus
Understanding Texture Weakening in Magnesium Rare Earth Alloys Magnesium Elektron
Elucidating sweet and sour corrosion scales BP
Development of material deposition strategies and lifting models for structural aerospace metallic components Rolls Royce
Microstructure formability relationships in new generation high strength aluminium automotive alloys Alcan
The effect of macrozones on crack initiation and propagation in titanium alloys Rolls Royce
Particle Effects on Local Deformation, Recovery, and Stored Energy in Aluminium Alloys by Measurement and Simulation Novelis
Structural optimisation of components for additive manufacture  
Investigating the effect of oxide texture on the corrosion performance of Zirconium alloys Rolls Royce
2009 Cohort
Project Title Industrial Partner
Development of oxidation resistant coatings for Niobium-Silicide based alloys Rolls Royce
Development of ultra high strength steels for reduced carbon emissions in automotive vehicles Corus
Deformation mechanisms in nickel-based superalloys Rolls Royce
Assessment of the stationary shoulder FSW technique for producing T-joints TWI
Microstructural Characterisation and Performance of Steels used in Structural Bolting Assemblies in Fire  
Development of new alloys for next generation gas turbines Rolls Royce
Probing metal oxide-electrolyte interfaces at the nanoscale: Enabling science for corrosion control  
In-situ studies of Corrosion Fatigue of High Strength Steel for Offshore Oil and Gas Applications Capcis
The relationship between processing, recrystallization and texture in Zr-alloys Westinghouse
Controlling corrosion and hydrogen evolution in magnesium alloys for biomedical applications  
Performance of Lean 7000 Alloys Alcan
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