Impact Case Studies

Our students and alumni are making societal, environmental, and economic impact through their research.

We have collated papers published by our researchers on our Google Scholar profile so that novel research directly funded within CDT projects can be viewed alongside each other. The combined research from AMS1, AMS2 and (to-date) AMS3 includes 273 published papers with over 5,600 citations, and a h- index of 33.

There are over 100 graduates from AMS1 and AMS2 currently in the metals sector, more than 97% of our graduates remain in metallurgy research (with approximately two thirds in industry and the remaining third in academic institutions). There remains a strong demand for doctoral level training in metallurgy, and we anticipate our current and future cohorts will continue to enable the UK metals manufacturing sector to meet their goals, specifically in NetZero, digitalisation and leadership, and specialist technical knowledge.