Astrophysics group members

On this page you can find contact details and publication lists for members of the Astrophysics research group.


As well as linked publications per individual that follow below, you can also view the group's publications on arXiv: Astronomy and Astrophysics from the past 12 months.

Academic staff

Name Publications (via ADS)
Professor Paul Crowther Refereed All
Professor Vik Dhillon Refereed All
Professor Simon Goodwin Refereed All
Dr Katherine Inskip Refereed All
Professor Stuart Littlefair Refereed All
Dr James Mullaney Refereed All
Dr Richard Parker Refereed All
Dr Steven Parsons Refereed All
Professor Clive Tadhunter Refereed All

Research fellows and postdoctoral staff

Name Position / Funder Telephone Room Email address Publications (via ADS)
Dr Joachim Bestenlehner Postdoctoral Research Associate / Science and Technology Facilities Council +44 (0)114 222 3564 E13b Refereed All
Dr Martin Dyer Postdoctoral Research Associate / Leverhulme & Science and Technology Facilities Council +44 (0)114 222 4541 E13b Refereed All
Mr Joseph Eatson Postdoctoral Research Associate / Royal Society +44 (0)114 222 4536 E13b Refereed All

Postgraduate students

Name Funder Telephone Room Email address
Mr Thaer Alkousa Science and Technology Facilities Council N/A E18
Miss Megan Allen Royal Society N/A E18
Mr James Garbutt Self-funded N/A E18
Mr Luke Holden Science and Technology Facilities Council N/A E13b
Mr Dan Jarvis Self-funded N/A E18
Mr Dustin Mason Self-funded N/A E18
Miss Summer McLaughlin Science and Technology Facilities Council N/A E18
Miss Eleanor Pike Science and Technology Facilities Council N/A E18
Mr Adam Singleton Science and Technology Facilities Council N/A E18

Support staff

Name Publications (via ADS)
Mr Paul Kerry All

Visiting / honorary staff members

Name Position Telephone Room Email address Publications (via ADS)
Dr Evan Keane Advanced Visiting Fellow N/A N/A  
Professor Andy Pollock Honorary Professor N/A E13b Refereed All
Dr Dave Sahman Honorary Researcher N/A E13b Refereed All
Dr Simon Tulloch Visiting Researcher N/A N/A Refereed

Recent group members

Name Publications (via ADS)
Dr Suraiya Akter  
Ms Rebecca Arnold Refereed All
Dr Emmanuel Bernhard  
Dr Patricia Bessiere Refereed All
Dr George Blaylock-Squibbs  
Mr Alex Brown  
Mr James Bruten  
Mr Umar Burhanudin  
Dr Saida Caballero-Nieves Refereed All
Mrs Emma Daffern-Powell  
Dr Emile Doran Refereed All
Dr Claire Esau Refereed All
Dr Daniel Griffiths Refereed All
Mr Liam Grimmett Refereed All
Dr Liam Hardy Refereed All
Dr Mark Hollands Refereed All
Miss Rebecca Houghton  
Dr Pawel Lee  
Ms Lydia Makrygianni  
Dr Justyn Maund Refereed All
Dr Martin McAllister Refereed All
Ms Rhana Nicholson Refereed All
Mr Jonny Pierce  
Dr Cristina Ramos Almeida Refereed All
Miss Gemma Rate Refereed All
Mr Somsawat Rattanasoon Refereed All
Dr Krisada Rawiraswattana Refereed All
Dr Marvin Rose Refereed All
Dr Chris Rosslowe Refereed All
Mr Francesco Santoro Refereed All
Ms Christina Schoettler  
Dr Robert Spence Refereed All
Ms Heloise Stevance Refereed All
Dr Ning-Chen Sun Refereed All
Ms Katie Tehrani Refereed All
Dr Darren White Refereed All
Mr James Wild  

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