MINNOW study – Investigating the Mental health Implications of a mesothelioma diagNosis and developiNg resources to Optimise Wellbeing

In patient experience research, participants frequently report the impact that mesothelioma has on their mental health yet there have been very few studies specifically focused on mental health and mesothelioma.

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The current study aims to generate understanding of the impact of mesothelioma on the mental health of patients, their families and close friends. Through systematic inquiry the study will explore mental health conditions and existing psychological interventions that may help alleviate negative impacts and highlight positive impacts of mesothelioma.

This Mesothelioma UK funded study will run from March 2022 to November 2023. 

It involves four stages:

Stage 1: Systematic review of the literature
Stage 2: Quantitative data collection and analysis
Stage 3: Qualitative interviews with patients and informal carers
Stage 4: Co-production workshops

Study outputs will include peer-reviewed publications, a final report and a leaflet to support the mental health of people living with mesothelioma, their families and their close friends. Throughout the project we will share our findings at academic conferences and Asbestos Support Group meetings. 

Our report on the findings of this study have recently been published.

For more information about this study contact Dr Steph Ejegi-Memeh (s.ejegi-memeh@sheffield.ac.uk) or Dr Virginia Sherborne (H.V.Sherborne@sheffield.ac.uk)

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