Late registration

What to do if you have to arrive at University after the official registration period has ended.



Teaching for the majority of programmes will begin on 26 September 2022. You should aim to arrive in Sheffield and complete your registration before this date so you can begin your studies from the start of term. 

Your last possible start date (ie the latest date that you can start attending your course) is 17 October 2022.

Some courses have start dates earlier than 26 September 2022, meaning the last possible date you can start will be different. Check if your course has an earlier start date.

You must complete your registration before you can attend your course. 

In some instances registration may take several days to complete so you must allow enough time to register in advance of your last possible start date.

If you haven’t registered by 23 September 

You should do all that you can to arrive on time. However, we know that delays may occur due to immigration delays or ill health.

If you haven’t registered by 23 September 2022, we’ll email you with instructions on how to complete these steps.

Step 1: Contact your academic department

You must contact your academic department as soon as possible to let them know your intended arrival date. 

Your academic department will provide you with any lecture and seminar materials you’ve missed, as well as any important induction information. 

Step 2: Complete your registration

You must have registered with the University before you can start your course. For information about how to complete your registration steps, follow the links below: 

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