Name Project Email Phone
Ms Afifah Abd Rahim Organic Matter Transformation in Wastewater. Contact Dr Henriette Jensen
Mr Christian Akpan Oxidation of hydrogen sulfide using nitrate in wastewater under anaerobic condition. Contact Dr Henriette Jensen
Mr Majid Al-Nabhani Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)applications in Urban Drainage. +44 (0) 114 222 5767

Mr Alemayehu Shitaye Asfaw

IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort V: Real Time Abstraction.

Contact Dr James Shucksmith

Mr Adil Awgaab IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort VIII:  Water Distribution Systems: Biofouling and Holistic Water Supply Management. Contact Prof Joby Boxall
Ms Janice L Ayog Investigates alternative flood model formulations with increased level of mathematical complexity in order to improve the modelling capability of current state of the art modelling tools, with applications to provide improved solution to flood risk management and assessment in developing countries where geometrical/terrain data is poor or limited. Contact Dr Georges Kesserwani

Mr Matthew Badger

IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort III: Surface water management strategies for legacy combined sewer systems.

Contact Dr James Shucksmith

Mr Shaun Boatwright IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort VII:  Analytics for Locating Bursts in Water Distribution Systems Contact Dr Steve Mounce

Mr Joseph Butterfield

IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort V: Fundamentals of Leak Detection in Water Distribution Systems.

Contact Prof Stephen Beck

Ms Fiona Calder IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort VI:  Involving customers in directing water supply and sewerage outcomes: Lessons from PR14 engagement processes. Contact Dr Liz Sharp
Mr Yun-Hang Cho An integrated numerical and physical modelling approach to enable remote measurement of turbulent free-surface flows. +44 (0) 114 222 5767

Mr Simon De-Ville

Substrate ageing & root growth: quantifying the impacts upon hydrological performance in an extensive green roof.

+44 (0)114 222 5767

Mr Sam Dickinson IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort IV: Dynamic Licensing - real-time river flow modelling. Contact Dr James Shucksmith
Mr Eslam Gabreil Flow and Sediment Transport in Pipes. Contact Prof Songdong Shao
Ms Mahshid Golzar The development of CFD methodologies for predicting flow and mixing within partly vegetated channels/ponds. +44 (0) 114 222 5732
Mr Jonathan Higham Metallics +44 (0) 114 222 5767
Mr Ian Hough IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort VII:  Water Framework Directive Flow Objectives For Heavily Modified Water Bodies In North West England. Contact Dr James Shucksmith
Miss Lucy Irons IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort V: Designing of Next Generation Robust Water Distribution Systems. Contact Prof Joby Boxall
Ms Sally Jones Impact of hydraulic transients in water distribution systems. +44 (0) 114 222 5732
Ms Natalie Lamb Chemical-Free Water Supply. +44 (0) 114 222 5732
Ms Abigail Legge IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort VIII:  Food Waste Disposers and their Role in the Circular Economy. +44 (0)114 222 5732
Mr Matthew Mahoney IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort VI: Monitoring and Modelling of Bed Filter Conditions. Contact Prof Simon Tait

Mr Thomas Norris

IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort III: Sewerage management at an integrated scale.

Contact Dr James Shucksmith

Ms Naomi Oates Grantham Scholar:  How policy travels through people: Understanding the values and practices of actors in a water governance system. Contact Dr Stephen Connelly
Ms Frances Pick IDC STREAM Studentship, Cohort VI: Water Distribution Systems: Microbiological characterisation, control and prevention for public health and wellbeing. Contact Prof Joby Boxall

Mr Paul Raven

Making infrastructure legible.

+44 (0) 114 222 5767

Mr Santiago Rojas Arques Mixing Processes in Partially Vegetated Open Channels. +44 (0) 114 222 5767
Mr Mohammad Shirvani Investigate portability of a contemporary flood forecasting framework to a flexible scientific computing platform, with applications to improve prediction and communication of flood risk based on theories at the interface between flood forecasting, agent-based modelling and social behaviour. Contact Dr Georges Kesserwani
Ms Dagmara Starczewska Transient monitoring and mitigation. +44 (0) 114 222 5732
Mr Hoan Truong Analysis of Avalanche Dynamics Field Data using Advanced Data Processing. Contact Dr Chris Keylock
Mr Daniel Mella Vivanco Analysis of dynamic loads in multiscale structures arrays. Contact Dr Wernher Brevis
Mr Moran Wang Network Modelling of Wastewater Quality. Contact Dr Henriette Jensen